The Groupchat

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Quick A/N:
The emojis for each character:
Zach: 💦
Jess: 👑
Lana: 🍍
Geo: 😈
Timmy: 🔪
Arii: 🌹
Loren: 🍧
Ariel: 🌸
Mario: 🦄
Edwin: 🐛
Kylee: 💜
Catalina: 🐱
Blake: 👱🏼
Weston: 🙊
Rudan: 🐸
Maddie: 🌼
Brandon: 👼🏼
Nick: 💩

Enjoy the chapter!

Chapter 1 - The Groupchat

Jess' PoV
Another boring day. I stayed at home again. I'm so bored to even get up and go to the bathroom, how am I supposed to go out? I'm just gonna watch Netflix again.

*phone vibrates*

What the hell? Who texted me? I have like 0 friends, except Lana.

*Weston🙊 added you to a group*

You gotta be kidding me.

Jess👑: Um.. Wtf? What is that?
Edwin🐛: Wait.. Who are you?
Jess👑: I'm Jess who are y'all people?
Zach💦: Good job Curry, you added the wrong number😒
Weston🙊: Hey don't blame me rat. If you didn't want this to happen you should have added Loren.
Jess👑: Stop it hoes.
Rudan🐸: Language please.
Jess👑: Sorry.
Rudan🐸: Good for you.
Jess👑: Nooot.
Zach💦: O
Timmy🔪: Stop texting guys, I'm trying to watch Stranger Things and you're just not helping!
Jess👑: Sorry boo.
Zach💦: 😤
Jess👑: Jealous much? 😏
Zach💦: No.

*Weston🙊 added Ariel🌸*

Nick💩: I'm just👀
Jess👑: Can I add my best friend?
Ariel🌸: Hi y'all! Can I add Arii, Loren and Cat?
Weston🙊: Sure rats.

*Jess👑 added Lana🍍*

*Ariel🌸 added Arii🌹, Loren🍧 and Catalina🐱*

Geo😈: Y'all stop.
Lana🍍: Hello peeps.
Mario🦄: Hello ladies😏
Kylee💜: Oh gosh Mario😒
Hunter💙: Hey y'all!
Brandon👼🏼: Hi guys!
Arii🌹: Can y'all say your names BC I got a new phone and lost all my contacts?
Ariel🌸: Ariel.
Weston🙊: Bob Ross.
Mario🦄: It's a me mariiioooo
Loren🍧: Loren heree.
Jess👑: I'm Jess.
Zach💦: It's your boy BruhItsZach/ Zach Clayton however you want to call me.
Lana🍍: Lanaa heree
Geo😈: It's your boy Juwanyy
Hunter💙: Huntaah
Brandon👼🏼: Brandoo here!
Blake👱🏼: Yo it's Blake.
Catalina🐱: Aye it's Catalina!
Kylee💜: Edwin's wife here!
Edwin🐛: Kylee's husband here!
Timmy🔪: Timmy.
Rudan🐸: Rudu here.
Maddie🌼: It's your Welborn girlll.
Nick💩: And last but not least.. The one and only Niiick Beeaaan!
Arii🌹: Ugh Nick😒
Zach💦: Y'all send a pic of yourself.

(I'm not gonna add a pic of everyone BC you know how they look, I'm only gonna add a pic of Jess and Lana.)


Zach💦: Holy mother of God😍Ariel🌸:

Zach💦: Holy mother of God😍
Ariel🌸: ...

Geo😈: ¡Dios Mío! Eres muy bueno😏 (Translation: Oh my God, you are very sexy

Geo😈: ¡Dios Mío! Eres muy bueno😏 (Translation: Oh my God, you are very sexy.)
Jess👑: Lana you're late bih.
Lana🍍: I'm standing outside your fucking door waiting for you to open. Outside. Where it's hot. All alone. With no water. And you're the one who's complaining.
Jess👑: I'm coming😒
Geo😈: Sassy😈 I like it😏
Catalina🐱: O
Blake👱🏼: O
Hunter💙: O
Weston🙊: O
Zach💦: O
Arii🌹: O
Loren🍧: O
Kedwin💜🐛: O

*Lana🍍 left the group*

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