Tywin Lannister- You're like a song [requested]

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Request :  I hope you like it. I did some small changes since I'm terrible at writing smut stories. 

Word Count :1303

Part : 1/1

Changes : /

Warning : -/

Grammar check : not done

Inspiration (songs I listen to while writing) : The Cab- La La

  "Come feel my heart 

It's beating like a drum and I confess

When you're around

It's like an army's marching through my chest" 

The sun kissed your tender and pale skin as you were helped out of the carriage. The sight of King's Landing gave you a simple headache which you would rather heal at home in your own chambers preferably closed and away from the world.

Your younger sister Margaery, however was ecstatic; her smile growing wider with each step she took towards the castle. Loras and you sulked behind her; both dressed in black from head to toe. It was your way of protesting.

Not long ago you were a happily wedded woman with all her future planed out. Unfortunately, the Gods decided to play a cruel joke on you and take away all of your dreams shattering you back into reality. Your husband fell terribly ill a few months after the wedding and was left in your care.

No maester was able to cure him and no matter how many of them told you the sickening truth you never believed it. That is until you saw him lying dead in your shared bed. You screamed and trashed  hoping he would wake up but it was useless.

Days after the funereal took place your grandmother Olenna, whom you resembled a lot, told you about Margaery taking your place as the King's future bride. Though it was hardly a sacrifice knowing how much she had dreamt about it.

So here you were now, weeks after the information, standing in front of the place you absolutely hated. The word around Realm was that the Lannisters were all cocky pricks who only cared about themselves and no one else. Who would want their little sister marrying someone like that?

You can only imagine your horror when you met Joffrey and his mother Cersei. The stories told about his family seemed so small in compression to his grace. He was arrogant, childish and most certainly not a fit mach for Margaery. But you kept your mouth shut, remanding yourself that this is what she wanted.

As the night approached you found yourself sitting in the gardens enjoying the book you found in the library whilst eating some grapes. You never noticed a flushed Loras running your way, pushing aside any Lannister guard that was set there to watch over you.

"Victoria." He breathed out and you pulled yourself away from the book to pay attention. His curly hair was unruly and drops of sweat dripped down his face.

"Loras." There was panic in your voice. You have never seen your little brother this bothered.

He breathed in and out to calm himself before taking a seat next to you." Did you hear about grandmother's deal with the devil?"

"No. What deal?" Your voices were hushed due to the guards standing not far away from you. The last thing you needed was Cersei's wrath on your back.

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