It all started with Bonjour [smacklesdearest]

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September 7th, 2013

Ah... Paris, the city of love. Couples holding hands, young families singing soft lullabies to their newborns, elder couples sipping tea or enjoying the taste of freshly made croissants while chattering about their youth – first meeting, first date, first kiss, developed feelings...

Pont des Arts was another great example. Riley looked at the newly married couple who were attaching a love lock with their first names engraved on it in the grate of the bridge. Two lovers shared a look of admiration before the husband pulled his lovely wife into a soft kiss. The two of them pulled away smiling. Riley saw them whispering something into each other's ears. One more peck and the key of their love lock was thrown into the Seine river below.

Riley Matthews, a young photographer, smiled to herself as she captured that special moment. When newlywed walked away, the brunette took a few steps and found herself looking at their romantic gesture.

Johnny ∞ Annabel

Summer of 2013

Once again, a genuine smile adorned brunette's features as she took another photograph. Riley looked around; over 700 000 locks on one bridge. Since 2012 the number of locks covering the bridge had become overwhelming, with locks being attached upon other locks. A lot of people had expressed their concern about the possible damage the weight of the locks were doing to the structure of the bridge. Riley knew that if she ever get married, she and her husband wouldn't be able to attach their love lock on this special bridge.

Although Riley couldn't imagine herself marrying anyone in the near future. After all, she was only twenty four years old. And knowing her previous experience, she wouldn't be surprised if she didn't found the one. Unless –

"Excusez moi mademoiselle?"Riley heard a male voice ask her. When she turned around, she found herself staring into the most mesmerizing green eyes she had ever seen. The man who was now standing in front of her smiling was just, Riley wasn't exaggerating, gorgeous.

"Oui?"the brunette answered smiling back at him with a hint of blush painting her cheeks.

The man in front of her scratched the back of his neck as if he was thinking really hard.

"Bonjour," he greeted blushing as he extended his hand for her to shake. "Je m'appelle Lucas."

"Je suis Riley," the brunette said while shaking her hand. She didn't expect shivers running down her spine, bus as soon as her skin made contact with Lucas', Riley was blushing even more.

"J'adore votre nom," Lucas told her when she let go of his hand. Riley could only smile at his compliment.

"Merçi beaucoup."

"Ummm, pourriez – vous prendre une photo de ma mère et moi? S'il vous plaît?" he questioned unsurely.

Riley stood there silent for a moment, trying to comprehend everything he had asked. She was afraid that she wouldn't understand what he wanted since her French, but after hearing his question she couldn't help herself from smiling even wider.

"Bien sûr!"

"Super! Merçi beaucoup, Riley," Lucas thanked her handing her his camera. "Suivez – moi," he said as he spun around on his heels and started walking to a woman who, Riley guessed, was his mother. She was a middle age woman with blonde hair, a bit shorter than Lucas, but she was absolutely gorgeous. Riley was following Lucas, just like he asked her just moments ago, staying a few steps behind him to give the man some privacy.

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