2.Say Something

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Foxcroft, Pennsylvania is a lovely town.

But it's small.

Really, extremely small.

   As the limo drives towards the school, I look out the window, taking in the sights. There are people walking through town, going to shops and restaurants on the sides of the road. Just past the shops, there's the Delaware River, so the limo driver informs me.

   As I watch the people, I realise that Marcus was right. Lots of people seem to be smiling.

    A few miles out of town, I see a large stone sigh that says "Foxcroft Academy."
The limo turns onto the drive. We drive a little over two versts, or a mile and a half, to the school.

   Along the way, I notice how well maintained the school is. The grass is well tended to, the trees are all trimmed neatly, and the drive looks freshly paved.

    For a moment, I wonder how much my parents paid to send me here. But I know what my father would say-there's no price too high for his only daughter.

   I have two older brothers, Zander and Ryan. Zander is twenty two and engaged to Athena. They're planning a Christmas wedding. They were going to do it earlier but they delayed it and I'm suspecting it has something to do with me, maybe they want me to be there.

    Ryan is nineteen. He's enrolled at a great Russian university. I hope I could join him there is two years.

    Not only am I the only girl, I'm also the family baby.

   "Miss Valdez, we are here," the limo driver tells me,as we pull in front of the busy school. There are a lot of nice cars and limos around, dropping kids off or parking.

   I look at the handful of matching brick buildings, and a large foundation in the front, with water spraying up. A lot of students are sitting around the fountain--some with friends and others alone.
There's even a guy playing a guitar.

Everyone looks cheerful.

There are groups of girls talking in circles and guy groups hanging out. As I watch them, I wonder if I could fit into a group and which one it could be.

The limo door swings open, making me jump. The driver stands there, waiting for me to get out.

"Don't worry, Miss Zue Valdez. You will fit in just great her,"he says giving me a reassuring smile, as though he was reading my mind.

"Brilliant," I say, then step out.

The driver gets my bag from the trunk, and I grab it from him.

"Good luck and goodbye Miss Valdez."

The limo driver walks to get back to his car, so I walk forward towards the school. Unfortunately, I don't notice the curb and I end up falling face first into something hard.

"Hey!"an angry voice yells.

"I didn't see the curb," I tell the guy, once I get my balance.

He looks at me and smiles. "Don't worry about it," he says with his expression swiftly changing. "I love your accent."

"Okay," I say, not knowing what else to say. I'm not used to getting complements from strangers and to be honest, it's kind of weird and awkward.

"Your from Russia, right?"he asks.


"I'm Kaleb Cooper," he says.

"I'm Azalea Valdez."

"Azalea, so simple yet cute," his comment makes my face go warm.

It's really weird hearing my name with an American accent. Or maybe it's American.
He sounds different than what I'm used to hearing in movies. "So what bring you to America?"

"School," I answer.

"Yeah, but why Foxcroft Academy?

"My mum and dad picked it out. I have no idea why," I answer.

"Your mum?"he asks "Now you sound British."

"I am or rather half British, anyways. My dad is Russian, my mum is British, which is why I speak English so well. We only speak English at home, unless we have a guest," I say, explaining.

"So you speak Russian?" he asks.

I nod.

"Say something."

"Okay," I say, looking him in the eyes. It's then I noticed how green they are. "U tebya krasivyye  glaza."

"What did you say?" He asks.

My face grows warm. There is no way that I'm telling him in English.

"You'll just have to learn Russian and figure it out yourself," I say.
    Because I cannot tell a guy I just met " you have beautiful eyes." He would probably take it the wrong way. I'm not sure if American boys are as forward as Russian boys, but I'm not going to take any chances.

"Challenge accepted," he says.

"Your accent is different. Are you from somewhere else to?" I ask, curiosity getting the best of me.

"I'm southern," he says. "You'll learn that people from different areas in the US have different accents. I'm from South Carolina."

"I have no idea where that is," I admit. "I don't know a lot about American geography."

"Maybe you can come over for Labour Day weekend. My parents will be out of town,as always. I usually bring all my friends," Kaleb says. "We have a house on the beach. It doesn't really get cold there and rarely snows."

Isn't the Labor Day to spend time with family? It's weird that his parents are always out of town for it, but I don't question it. Maybe American's version is different from ours.

"Does it snow in Russia?" he asks, then immediately says, "Wait. Don't answer that. It was a stupid question."

It does seem stupid until I realize  that I know nothing about American climates.

"I better go," I tell Kaleb. "I should probably unpack."

"Do you need help finding the way?"

"No," I answer, pointing to a sign that says "New students here."

"Oh. Well, it was nice to meet you, Azalea."

"You too, Kaleb," I say as I walk backwards not noticing the sign behind me then bumping my head into it making Kaleb laugh...hard as he walks away leaving me utterly embarrassed.

How humiliating.


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