Hit Or Miss.

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  V's face when Vin mentioned 'Nic' was so apparent

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  V's face when Vin mentioned 'Nic' was so apparent. She was pissed. It was mean of me to mess with her like that, but I obviously couldn't tell her that she IS Nic. I think I made it obvious that I'm into her, so the ball is pretty much in her court.

After a twenty minute drive, I pull onto the gravel road of Harry's U-Pull It then pull the truck into a makeshift spot, I put the truck in park and cut the engine. Vance shoots up, "I'm awake!" he shouts. We all face him and bust out laughing.

"Shut up." he mumbles as he grabs for the door handle and gets out of the truck pulling his small tool bag out with him. Once we're all out of the cab, I lock the doors from my key fob. No one speaks as we approach the pay booth.

"Oh my gosh!" V whispers to my left. I look at her, taking in her facial expression, her eye brows are arched up above her sunglasses, and her mouth is parted in surprise or shock. I follow her line of sight to the area next to the booth, a beat up car sits to the left of the booth, towards the back of the chain link fence. It's almost too hard to determine exactly what kind of car it is, but the distinctive SS in the grill, is a dead give away. The Camaro has definitely seen better days, a 'For Sale' sign sits in the front window. 

V rushes toward it. "Look at this!" She yells to us, jumping in place. "Oh my gosh!" Her excitement is adorable.

Vin and Vance move towards the car, and I follow behind them. My eyes on V, I then reluctantly look back at the car. The tires are flat, the paint is non-existent, there's rust around the wheel wells, the headlights are missing, and the seats are ripped. With some TLC, the Camaro would look beastly.

Vin whistles, "Damn."

"This car is beat!" Vance waves his hand at it, then walks to the booth.

"It's beautiful." V says to no one in particular. Watching V get this excited over an old car like this is beautiful.

There's no information on the sign in the window, just a number. I quick snap a picture of it with my phone.

"Even if it's beat, it's gonna be pricey." Vin says. "They don't come cheap, these classics." He kicks the flat tire.

"C'mon!" Vance yells impatiently, "Let's go."

I watch V's shoulders drop, her excitement disappears as she rounds the front of the car. I put my arm around her and squeeze, "It's so pretty." She whispers like a sad little girl who is parting with something special. It makes me chuckle, "It is." I agree.

"I want it."

"I know." I rub her shoulder, then release her as we move towards the booth where Vin and Vance are waiting for us. My instinct is to pay for her, but it'd look weird so I pay for myself, he stamps my hand and I move out of the way for V to pay next. Once she's settled we all make our way into the yard. Harry's is organized by make, which makes finding what we want easy. Vance is walking ahead, he turns around and walks backwards, "I'm gonna go over to the beamer's I'll meet up back up with you guys then." He turns around and continues walking but in the opposite direction of where we're headed. 

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