Chapter 28

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Aphmau POV

I wake up to the sound of rain, somebody crushing me and a splitting headache. Where am I and why am I outside, sleeping on a yellow bed with Yellow cuddling up to me. I groan. Oh right, red bull. Ian owes me a red bull. How could I forget that?

"Morning Jess!"  Yellow let's go of me, jumping out of the bed and running around in the rain. "Where is the sun?" I turn my bed into the blue and red dinosaur hoodie before running around in the rain with Yellow. What? Just because I'm not on a sugar rush doesn't mean I cant be a child.

"Seriously? In the morning guys." Ian says from the door of his house. Me and Yellow both stop and turn to him.

"Good morning Ian!" Yellow waves.

"Morning Ian. You owe me a red bull!" I shout at him. His face goes a bit pale.

"That might be a problem. I don't have any and you are banned by Max." He says before flicking a switch, turning the rain off. I tilt my head to the side a little bit. "It turns the rain off." He explains.

"Oh!" I simply say. "You still owe me red bull." I say. He sighs.

"I'm not giving you red bull. You are banned." He says. I start to make my eyes water before letting the fake tears go down my eyes.

"I-if I don't have r-red bull then I have no reason to live!" I say before running off of the edge of the sky block.

"Jess!" I hear Ian shout. I summon my hover board and sit on it before floating back up. I wave at Ian and Crainer who has just woken up.

"What is going on? I'm confused man." I hear Crainer say.

"The bully won't give me my red bull so I jumped off of the sky block." I explain to him.

"It's too early." He mumbles before walking away.

"Why did you guys come here anyway? How did you even find this place?" Ian asks. I hand him the co ordinates.

"Well we was going to come in probably a few days but we wanted Crainer to join our yellow club. We are gathering all of the Sky army again." I explain to him, sitting down on my chair.

"Why? There is no reason." He says but he then has a thoughtful look on his face. "Sky did mention squids but we killed them all." I just shake my head.

"They are back. We never killed all of them. They had some escapees." I explain to him.

"How did that happen though. Me and Ssundee made sure that they had no squids that could escape and Ross swam the entire ocean and saw nothing." Crainer says.

"Well we can discuss this with the members we have so far if you want to join us again." I say to him.

"Sure. We could also leave our machines on while we do this as well." At that, I imagine an anime sweat drop on my head.

"Oh yeah! I may have broken something but it's nothing I can't fix. Give me a second." I say before running over to the machine with a worried Ian. A few seconds later, I fixed it and also upgraded it a little bit.

"Well then... Let's go!" Yellow shouts before jumping on my back. I walk over to the other two after placing a way point and grabbing their arms before teleporting onto the obvious person... Jerome. Nah just kidding.

"Why can't you teleport to somebody else!" Mitch shouts. I just shrug before climbing into his back.

"Onwards! To Adam! I say, putting the hood on his head and over his eyes so he can't see.

"I can't see Jess! Get off of me!" Suddenly, I am knocked off of Mitch's back by a flaming bird. Lucy.

"Look Mama! I learned how to fly!" She says.

"Mama? When did you start calling me that and good job on learning how to fly. I'm so proud of my little girl!" I say before standing up with her on my arm, digging her claws into my skin without noticing. I don't mind though and I don't want her to feel bad.

"Let's go find Sky shall we." I say before walking towards his bedroom. He is probably sleeping. I knock on the door.

"Come in!" I hear him shout. Yellow grabs my hand before dragging me into the room. When did he get here? We walk in to see Red, Max, Ross and Blue with Boomy in his lap. Yellow runs up to Ross and takes his scarf off of him before he could reach and put it around my neck.

"My scarf!" Ross complains.

"That should help the bleeding stop for now!" Yellow cheers. He was right. The blood stopped dripping down my arm.

"What blood?" Lucy asks. I shake my head at her.

"Nothing Luce. Just tripped and scraped my knee. Yellow was just worried." I say, making Lucy relax.

"So your okay?" She looks at me with her worried eyes. I nod at her with a big smile. Ian and Crainer walk into the room with Mitch.

"Hey guys. Long time no see man." Crainer says. Yellow runs over and stands next to him. They were the greatest friends and always knew what each other was feeling. Us three would always become hyper together, hence the reason Yellow thought about him.

"It has been a long time but we can catch up later. For now, these two need a punishment." Sky says to him before turning towards me.

"H-hi." I stutter.

"You and Yellow both left at midnight while on a sugar rush and woke up Ssundee and Crainer and threw skittles at them, making them have to put up with you. What do you say about yourself?" Me and Yellow gulp.

"We're sorry!" We both shout.

"I couldn't sleep so we were both working but to stay up, we needed energy so we drank some red bull. I'm the one that gave it to him." I look down at the ground. He just sighs.

"You could have been injured or worse, kidnapped. You know that if they get you, we are all doomed. You have to be more careful." He stands up and hugs me, letting me cry into his chest.

"I'm sorry! I know that but I... I'm sorry!" He just rubs my back, sitting us both down on his bed. After a while, I fall asleep. I sleep a lot.

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