Chapter uno.

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So, hey guys. You ay or may not have gotten my recent message about me posting the sequel to it but here it is!!! I'm hoping this will suffice until I get settled into school from the New Year. I probably will not update this until mid-february but I will if there is a great demand for the next part then sure why not? So here it is!!


Jeremy stared at the doctor in what seemed like both awe and shock. The realisation that he may not ever be able to use his legs had hit him like a ton of bricks, similar to when he found out he was going to be a father. The impact of the shot has luckily missed any vital organs but the bullet hit the lumbar of the spinal cord and when through the sciatic nerve. In normal words, his legs were out of order until further notice.

Alison, his sister's best friend, had paralysed him in seconds. The room hung in stunned silence as Jeremy went through all the things he may never be able to do again. His human would never be able to run or use the toilet for himself. He would never be able to run with his children or chase Sarah around the bedroom again. He smiled inwardly at the memory of the night when he conceived their baby.

Without conferring with anyone, he became adamant with getting the surgery. Weighing out the risks, he realised they were far lesser than what may come from it. The 30 percent chance he could die seemed not important because as anyone could tell he was a fighter; always have been and always will be. The worst has come and it past. He laughed as he realised his crush of ten years was the one who bore the most pain.

However, none of that mattered as he realised that everyone was happy. When, not if, when the operation is a success and Sarah had given him the blood transfusion needed for his speedy recovery, his happily ever after will be in his reach. He was going to be a father and that fact made everything seem better.

Sarah, his mate, sat in the uncomfortable plastic chair by his bed. She took his hand with a comforting smile as the doctor walked out, closing the door behind him. Her thumb rubbed soothing circles around his hand with an absent mind, while staring into space. She already knew that Jeremy was going through with the surgery and she knew nothing, not even her, could change his mind. Questions were running through her mind as her eyes glared at what looked like to be a spider web in the corner.

What would she do if he died in the surgery? She knew that the brain was connected to the spinal cord and with one wrong incision and her mate and soon to be husband would be brain dead. What happens to a person when their mate dies? It saddened her to think of this but she had to know. At times like this, she wished her father hadn't been a werewolf. But then she would have never have met Jeremy.

Her thoughts went back to what happened only 2 hours ago; although it felt like weeks had passed. She hadn't pressed any questions at Jeremy; she was scared to know exactly what Jeremy really is. He is a werewolf after all but what werewolf could change into other humans and who knew what else? She stared down at Jeremy, drifting off to sleep and then saw his eyes snap open as someone barged in the room. Instinctively, her hand went to her stomach, covering her growing foetus. She took a relaxed breath, realising that it had only been Ben.

"Where's Melissa?" he asked frantically. He had left the hospital parking lot when he saw Brent walking into the hospital itself and knew something bad was going to happen. Not knowing many people in town, well at least trusting, he had no one to leave Abbie with and that's when the couple in the room noticed the small blonde girl clinging onto her dad's large finger.

He scanned the room only finding that there was only Sarah and Jeremy. He pushed his daughter to Sarah and then ran out; leaving the whole room stunned, including his daughter. Without a care in the world, she jumped onto Jeremy's bed and snuggled into his neck before falling quickly to sleep. Astounded by her boldness and instant liking to Jeremy, Sarah couldn't help feel that Jeremy was a natural with children and was going to make such a great father.

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