Part 1

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Bunny POV...

Today is my 18th birthday and finally the day I wish would never come. Hey everyone my name is Bunny Gomez the heiress to the Gómez Empire. The one and only heir, right now back to the problem at hand.

On my 18th birthday I will finally come out of hiding. You see my parents did this so that I would grow up having a normal life and see the real side of people. Now today I get to throw away my nerdy clothes and finally be in the spotlight which I really could careless about.

I get up head to the shower and pick out my Rihanna slipper and a high waist acid wash jeans. A crop top shirt with bitch in bond letters at the front. I threw on my jacket and grab my sailor moon back pack.

Rushing down the stairs I greeted the maids and got my lunch and was guided outside to where my bodyguards and my ride was. As soon as I got outside reporters where there taking pictures. I give them a little wave and then was hurried to the suv by my bodyguards.

I arrive at school and my bodyguards got out and open the door for me. I ask one of the guards who I was close to his name was Jack "if my best friends Selena was picked up?" He told me "yes".

Suddenly another suv pulled up behind mines and she got out. We hugged and she fix my hair.

I turn around to head into the school but I was meet with everyone looking at me. Staring me down like I was some alien or something. Selena laugh and the guards guided up inside the school.

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