Justin Bieber:

Okay, so Cody “Pretty Eyes” Simpson was in my room, we’re sitting face-to-face. This night couldn’t get any better, could it? Wrong. Dead wrong.

“You’re pretty cute, Justin,” Cody said innocently. I could feel myself blushing.

“You have pretty eyes,” I whispered as I stared lovingly into his. They were pools of an enticing aqua. He leaned closer as I put my hand slowly on his right cheek.

“Gosh,” he whispered. I could feel his hot breath on my numb lips. “Kiss me,” he whispered. This time much softer and very much more innocent. He wasn’t begging. No. He was saying it like it was a simple prayer.

Entranced by his innocent ardour, I gave in. I grabbed onto his gorgeous locks of hair at the back of his head and pulled him closer. My trembling lips covered his. He cupped my cheeks and our touched each other. Our kiss was slow and peaceful.

My tongue licked his soft lips, urging them to part. They didn’t. He waited and waited. He seemed to enjoy all of this. Strange AND cute. His mouth finally opened after a couple of seconds, but only by a centimetre. I didn’t care.

I took it as an opportunity. I wanted kiss him. Not furiously stick my tongue in his mouth. No. A kiss was a gentle caress with the lips, a sign of affection. And I wanted our kiss to be special. Something we could both look back to. Something we both could say was the best kiss we had. I knew it was my best kiss. I just want to be his.


Cody Simpson-

He wasn’t gnawing on my lips nor did he abruptly stick his tongue in my mouth. He only licked my lips with the simplest of ease and care as we crushed lips.

I finally took pity on him. I smiled a little as I drew in his probing tongue. Our tongues danced around gracefully, each twist and turn sent a wave of delight through my body. Justin’s tongue finally explored my mouth amiably. He treated it with tender care and gentle caresses with his tongue. His lips were furious acrobats that moved and twisted in time. Furious, I tell you!

He held me in a warm embrace. I felt safe.

After we both finally had to gasp for air, our lips parted and our tongues flicked at one another for one last time.


A shy little smile appeared on his face. And as if he read my thoughts, he said the word aloud. “Wow.”

My face was as red as a tomato. I was dead sure of that. Embarrassing much?

“Cody… thank you,” he said in a low throaty whisper.

“F-f-f-f-for what?” I stammered, moving my face away from his slowly but still locking our gazes.

“For that kiss,” he answered. “It was amazing.”