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Isn't life in high school great? Oh... I especially love the bullies. Note the sarcastic tone there. Everyone either calls me fat, ugly, gross, or disgusting. It all started in middle school and I thought they would all be mature now sense were in high school but I was wrong except for 2 girls that are now my two best friends, Alexis and Savannah. Alexis has chocolate brown hair with curls at the end and grey eyes. Savannah has long flowing black hair with dark brown eyes. Me, well, I have long blond wavy hair that goes to my shoulders. My hair is not perfect at all because I never brush it and my style get's a disgusting from everybody. Everything about me is a hazard to everybody! My mother, who owns a modeling company, is to afraid to admit that I look like a monster.

It's two weeks in summer and I have just decided that I want to change. Change my looks and change my style. I want to prove everyone wrong. When they see me they will be sorry they ever said any of those mean things to me. Even though I'm not even sure what I will look like when I am done with this. The thing I am not looking forward to though is the diet, I try to stay away from veggies.

"No more cookies," I thought.

I need to go to the mall, so I walked outside to my junky old looking car. When we went to pick out my car my mom insisted on buying me a Lamborghini but I said no because I didn't want to stick out. Stupid answer? I know. I hopped in and dust flew everywhere. Ewe. I drove out slowly then paused in front of my house. It was 3 stories and was white with black surrounding the windows and doors. The front yard had a beautiful garden filled with flowers such as red and yellow roses.

I finally drove out of my driveway a few minutes later and headed toward the mall. I don't live far from it so it only took about ten minutes to get here.

I jumped out of my car after I parked and headed toward the front doors. When you first walk in you instantly see Macy's so I decided I will go there first for my wardrobe. I went straight to the dresses. What kind do I buy? I don't know what's in style. Then a worker stopped next to me and said," Hello can I help you."

"Yes please. Can you help me pick out some dresses," I asked.

She looked about my age so I hope she knows what she is doing. "Sure! What's your size," she squealed. That's when I remember, I need to hit the gym first.

"Oh um sorry I have to go it's an emergency. Bye," I yelled while running off.


Five Weeks Later

"Who knew working out could be so hard," I said.

I looked up at the workout instructor waiting for a response. "Yes it is but it pays off. Doesn't it," he asked.

I have to admit though, my body was looking fine! Now I can go to the mall!

"Yes it has. Thank you so much! I have to go," I said while running off to my car.

I hurried in to Macy's and went to the dresses.

"Hello again," I heard a familiar voice say.

I turned around and there was that girl from last time.

"It is you right? From the other time? The time you ran off," she asked.

Of course she notices me, I still havn't brushed my hair. It looks the same.

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