xxii. fifteen hundred

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"I'm sorry," Indie frowned, surprising him with her response.

"Sorry? Why?" He asked.

"You shouldn't have to be used to that feeling," she looked down.

Harry smiled and leaned down, having reached the front of his car. He kissed her softly and she leaned up, the height difference not being much but enough that Harry had to lean down just a bit to find her. "Come on, let's not keep them waiting," he told her.

"River's car is still here, I'll follow you," she pointed.

"You don't have the keys," he trailed off when Indie held up her own set, the spare key to River's dangling from the ring. "You do."

"We gave each other the spare," she shrugged. "Do you know where the station is?"

"No, maybe I should follow you," he told her and she nodded, giving his arm a squeeze as she ran over to the car pulled up in front of the building. She dug the key into the lock on the door and unlocked it, climbing in to the car that smelt of River. She started the engine and messed with the stations, changing every preset he had. She knew how much he hated when she did that and she figured it was only fair.



"Hey, we're here for Gwen Styles and River Taylors," Harry told the officer at the reception desk, stopping with Indie at his side. Indie exhaled slowly and looked around, her stomach curling in just standing in the police station. They didn't say anything just pushed away from the desk and knocked on the door.

"They'll be right out," she told them. "Bail is a thousand for each," she told them. "They'll both have court dates set and could face up to a year in prison."

"What?" Indie's heart dropped.

"The boy should be fine," the officer with them walked out. "It's his first offense. It's her you need to worry about," he told them, directing to Gwen who swallowed so loudly Harry could hear it. She had a record and though she didn't think it was that big a deal, she had finally come to the realization that Harry was right and things weren't always going to be clean cut.

River gritted his teeth and tried to smile but he could see the anger in her face, "Hi Ind."

"I'm going to kill you," Indie growled and went to hit him when Harry grabbed her waist.

"Don't think this is the best place for that, love," he whispered quietly.

"Can we just please get out of here?" Gwen asked.

Harry sighed and yanked his wallet out of his back wallet, he had grabbed the hidden cash he kept in the safe in his apartment before they left but as he pulled it out, he realized he only had enough to cover Gwen and part of River's bail. "I've only got fifteen hundred."

"Harry, you don't need to pay for River," Indie shook her head and put her hand over his when he went to hand it over. "I can just go to the bank and-," she paused and sighed. "I have a five hundred cap. Damnit."

"It's fine," Harry shook his head. "I can cover both. I think I saw a bank on the way over."

"No, look, you should take Gwen home. I'll call Tina and get her to bring the rest for him," she argued with him. "He deserves to stay here longer for how stupid he is."

"I'm going to have to keep the cuffs on him until you can get the rest here," the officer told them as he took the silver off Gwen's wrists. Harry had already handed over the fifteen hundred dollars and tucked his wallet back in his pocket.

"That's fine," Indie told him. "You should keep him in a cell too or I may kill him," she smiled sarcastically as she walked off to call Tina for the rest of the money. She could do it herself but she had left her debit card at home and knew it'd be quicker to get her to bring the money instead.

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