1)The Fates Reveal

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Apollo watched as Hestia worked her magic in a very large cauldron

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Apollo watched as Hestia worked her magic in a very large cauldron. She only had so long to complete the spell needed to pause the demon's actions. She brushed her long mane of black hair away from her as she worked.

The fates horrid reveal gave away the realization that it was Hestia alone who could save humanity from the catastrophic prophecy that revealed in thousands of years' time, a son of Lucifer would be releasing him from the gates of hell. Upon this movement, no part of humanity would ever be the same. The world the humans now knew would cease to exist as they would become driven into extinction.

Hestia chanted the magical incantations needed to create this all mighty sacrifice to lady Gaia. It would be she who would make sure the proper person was one day installed to make sure the son of Lucifer was not able to unleash his father from hell. Hestia worked hard not to shed a single tear as she realized the ultimate sacrifice that would lay behind this offering. She was so very preoccupied she neglected to notice Apollo watching her from across the room.

"Why did you not tell me?" asked Apollo, his voice rough with not shed tears. He spoke their native tongue, causing Hestia to shiver.

She closed her eyes tightly, determined not to allow his voice to rattle her down to her very bones. "You know why I must complete this spell, Apollon."

She did not turn even as she felt him behind her. Hestia tried not to react as Apollo's abnormally warm arms slipped around her waist to pull her against him. He released a gasp that caused both Hestia and himself to realize he was near tears. His head rested next to her ear as he spoke. "That does not explain why you did not tell me tonight would be the night."

"It matters for not when the night was, it must be done..."

"The very night you FINALLY express you love me  is the night you decide to obliterate our future!?" Apollo howled with absolute agony behind his anger. "How could you!?!"

"I did not wish to cause you upset, Apollo..."

"No, you did not care to even say anything to me," he countered in a passionate growl. "You wished for me to wake up tomorrow and then learn from my oracle that you were long past gone," he countered coldly, sounding disgusted. His arms tightened around Hestia as he roughly pressed her against his toga-covered chest. Apollo's strong arms tightened against her torso as he buried his face into her neck. "Stay with me," he pleaded softly. "Please...I can make you make you beyond happy, Hestia. You have always been the one for me..."

"You do not mean that-"

"DO NOT CONTRADICT MY FEELINGS!" Apollo bellowed angrily. He spun the beautiful goddess around and glared down at her. "You do not know what I do or do not mean."

"You are blinded by your desire to feel loved, you always have been," Hestia whispered, the palm of her dark hand gently caressing Apollo's warm cheek. "I cannot be the woman you want, Apollon, nor the woman you need. Destiny calls upon me of something regarding grave importance."

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