Chapter 44: Doubt

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I felt something move behind me, stir as my body started to wake from a peaceful sleep. I was so cozy. Comfortable. I wanted to stay there forever, but reality was tugging me back from sweet sleep.

I yawned out and started to stretch my toes under the covers. Ethan's chest rumbled a bit. He was still softly breathing behind me, arms wrapped tight around me, and legs intertwined with mine. We were like a damn pretzel.

I smiled to myself. I couldn't believe I stayed the night, but waking up to him was one of the best feelings in the world. I cursed myself  inwardly, sleeping in my own bed was going to be miserable now.

I tried to pull away from Ethan. I realized how full my bladder was and needed the bathroom, but he just rumbled again and pulled me back to him. Really into him.

There was something hard against my butt. It startled me, but what startled me even more was when I realized what it was. I bit back a groan as waves of pleasure started to crash against my skin. Desire started to fill me, need.

I knew I was in deep shit.

He pulled me tighter against him, rubbing his hands along my belly and through my hair while the hardness continued to press against me. I bit my lip and tried to squirm away, but his arms were like iron. Iron that I didn't really want to break out of.


I let out a gasp as his fingers started to mindlessly trace the edge of the waistband to the boxers I was wearing. He stilled. He stilled and I knew he was awake.

I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks as we held our breaths for a pregnant moment. "Ethan, I um, I need to use the bathroom."

His hands left me and I quickly got out of bed and walked straight to the bathroom. I didn't dare look back at him. I could feel his eyes on my back. They made my body feel sparks of need that almost made me stop walking.

I quickly shut the door and let out a labored breath. My heart was fluttering and my beast was pissed that I walked away from our male. She wanted me to go back to that bed and jump his damn bones. I pushed her back. I wasn't ready for that, so she could just control her damn hormones.

After I relieved myself I tried to splash some cold water on my face. It calmed my hot skin down and helped me to settle my mind, but only a little.

I pulled my shirt up and turned to look at my back. The damn thing was almost healed. I guess this mate-healing stuff really did work.

I let out a long breath then opened the door. Ethan was laying on his side, letting his fingers trace the area where I was laying. I sighed and walked forward as his sleepy blue eyes snapped to me as a tired smile pulled at his lips.

He opened the covers for me and I couldn't help but to climb back in. He pulled me closer to him, although he was careful to keep some areas of his body away from me. My wolf chuckled in the back of my mind. This was more than amusing to her.

"Did you sleep?"

I nodded a little. "Ya, did you?"

He shrugged. "Not really."

I brushed some of his hair back. "Why?"

He took my hand and kissed my palm, tickling it with his scruff that had grown out to be a bit more than scruff. "I had a dream about my mother."

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