Oh groan

"WAKE THE FUCK UP TALI!!!" Ashley yelled from the kitchen.

It took a few minutes for me to get the energy to wake up right before i was going to actually get out of bed though...

"Get the fuck up!" Ashley yelled tearing the covers off my body.


Im a drummer for the world famou band Black Veil Brides and their bassist is actually my adoptive father now.

Last time you saw me i was just moving into Ashley's apartment but now it was about November and plenty of stuff had happened since then. For one i was a senior at a NORMAL school! Not AP or anything it was for normal kids well as normal as nay kid can be in LA.

I loved living here with Ashley he was actually a really good guardian. He made sure i ate on time, that i did my homework and that i didnt stay up all night. He wasnt just good with the strict stuff though, he was also really fun and we could stay up late watching horror movies or having hot dog eating contests or stupif crap like that.

 Groaning, i got out of bed and grabbed a random pair of pants which just happened to be my favorite leather pair and slipped them on then i grabbed a crop top off the floor and stuck it on not bothering to wash or do anythign to my hair realy except tug all the knots and stuff out.

Tossing ym bag into a kitchen chair i went and did my whole bathroom routine then i went back into the living room where Ashley was serving breakfast.

"Finally your up you lazy shit" he said playfully and i flipped him off grabbing a piece of bacon and munching on it while i reached for the hot sauce efore i go tthere he spun around and smacked my hand with that thing you use to flip eggs.

"No hot sauce with your eggs!"

"But they taste better!"

"But you'll end up getting an ulcer!"

See what i mean by a normal dad?



I liked it when he acted like a normal dad it was fun to see thee Ashley Purdy taking care of a teenager and getting all pissy and stuff.

"So any plans for today?"

"Totally! Im going to the mall with becky! Then to the movies with Kim!! Oh yeah and then me and Jeremy are going out to Makeout cliff!" i said in a fake girly tone and fake excitement on my face then i jus tturned it to my normal flat look.

Even being a famous rock star didnt spare me from the 'emo' teasing at school since noone even knew who Black veil Brides was and besides noone recognized me without the makeup on.

"Come on little devil. Ill give you a ride to school" he said ruffling my hair and i gave him another flat look before running into my room and wrestling with my boots for a minute then i ran out of the apartment grabbing my jacket and bag.

"Can i drive?" i aksed hopeful and Ashley gave me a flat look.

"Ugh fine! Ill ride in back.. again" i said and he tossed a leg over the motorcycle's seat and i threw my leg over the seat to sit behind him feeling like i was going to fall but then he made the bike roar to life and i felt the same thrill i always did.

In case you didnt know Ashley rides a motorcycle and everyday he takes me to school on it eventhoguh he already taught me and is getting me a bike for Christmas he still wont let me ride his! Jerkhole right?

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