Description - Marcy

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His face was inches from mine, I could feel it. He was watching me, I felt like he was at least. I couldn't see him though, and I had an ache in my entire body to see him and cling to him, never letting go, but I didn't even know who he was. His lips were less than an inch from my own, and he was slowly closing in the distance between us. Oh, so slowly. The speed made everything seem unreal and the ache much worse.

Suddenly he pulled away and a woman's voice came out of his lips, "Marcy! Get up; you're going to be late!" Suddenly, he was shaking me, but it wasn't him anymore, now my mom was shaking me.

"Marcy Rose Hill if you don't get up this very second, I will get the ice water!" she yelled at me. I was awake, I just didn't feel like getting up, and I really hadn't wanted the dream to end. I had been getting them for the past few months, since my birthday was a few months away my wolf had decided to voice how much she wanted a mate, only through my dreams.

Oh, I'm a werewolf by the way. No big deal, there were a lot of us here, in London.

I guess I should tell you about me, like I said I was a werewolf. My mother had raised me, we were omegas and the lowest rank in the pack. It sucked. I belonged to the Silver Moon pack, the largest and most powerful pack in the world. Right now, our only enemies were rogues, which were always a threat, and those awful leaches that call themselves vampires and have the decency to walk around like everyone else, only to kill anyone they got close with.

I knew humans thought that about us too, that we only knew to kill and couldn't control our shifts, but that wasn't true at all. I ate animal meet, and I could shift whenever I pleased.

Stupid humans.

I wonder if vampires ever thought about us like that...

No, definitely not.

"Mom! I'm up!" I growled up, pulling the covers over my head. I heard her walk out of the room and I reluctantly got up, walking to my bathroom and turning on the shower.

I turned to the mirror and examined myself. I was tall, 5'6", with tan skin and long honey blonde hair that came to my lower back. My eyes were grey, almost green. Now, usually I looked rather pretty, first thing when I woke up was not one of those times. My hair was fuzzy looking and I looked dead without makeup on, along with the oil from just waking up in my hair. I hopped in the shower quickly and then got out, getting dressed in black leather pants, a loose black tank top with my favorite band logo on it, and tall grey combat boots. I curled my hair, how I almost always wore it, and pulled on my jacket before grabbing my keys and helmet and getting on my motorcycle to head to school.

Today was going to be a typical day, just like any other.

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