Kevins dad

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Spoilers, skip this part and go straight to the story! This is a warned: this story contains homophobic reactions! You have been warned.

The boys hung out at Edds for most of the day, waiting for 5:00 P.M. To roll by, so they could go speak to Kevin's father. They where snuggled on the couch, the house to themselves. Edds head was on the redheads shoulder, who held a bowl of popcorn in his lap, stroking the black hair.

Edd pushed a button on the remote, showing the time.


They shared a look before getting up, turning off the TV and washing the dishes. By the time they left Edds house, it was now 5:19.

They crossed the pavement, approaching the Barr residence. They noticed the garage door was open, indicating Kevin's father was home. They entered the property, soon going inside the house to see the man digging through the fridge, saddened by his lack of discovery.

"Da fuck puts a granola bar in the fridge?" He murmured, causing Kevin to blush.

"Hey, dad..." The redhead made himself known. The man had blonde hair and green eyes, a scruffy torn tank top and loose baggy jeans, hanging low so you could see his boxers.

"Where where you, boy?" He asked, pulling a coke out of the fridge, closing the door and cracking it open, taking a long gulp.

"I was at Edds, you remember him, he's across the cul-de-sac, we go to the same school, we've been spending time together, getting to know each other. We eat together at lunch, walk around together, and we... Um..." Kevin paused, thinking things have gone smoothly so far, but now he's gotten to the tricky part.

"Get on with it boy, I've got work to do." The man turned around, reveling oil stains on his white tank top. He had two jobs, and he had to leave in an hour, and he wanted to relax.


The man looked expectedly at his son, leaning agents the counter.

"Hello sir, I'm Eddward Vincent, and I'm the one your sons talking about, clearly. Me and Kevin have a special relationship, and we only wish for your support." Edd cut in, helping his troubled boyfriend.

"Y-yeah." Kevin agreed, smiling.

"Skinny boy, you telling me my sons up your ass?" His eyes closed into small slits; "Mom son, football captain, baseball Champlain, popular kid, is up your ass?"

Edd was dumbfounded, not knowing what to Say, as was Kevin.

"Dad... We..."

"Flaffle..." Edd murmured ever so slightly.

Kevin just gave him a confused look before continuing; "We... Like each other. I'm not asking for you to skip up and down in excitement, I'm not even asking for you to congratulate or support me... All I wish, is for my father to except me for who I am. And... If it makes you feel any better, I'm still into boobs, hot chicks and motorcycles. I'm just... Different. I'm... Bisexual." He let out a sigh, glad that came out smoother then he expected.

His dad store at his son, his fists clenched, crushing the coke can, enough that the liquid pooled out from the top, dripping onto the floor; "No." He said simply.

"No?" Kevin looked confused.

"My son the jock, is not gay, bisexual or whatever. He's straight. He's heterosexual, into girls, he's a ladies man, just like his father was. He owns my motorcycle, he will sleep with girls, but he will not do so much as touch another man."

"Dad... You... You can't control me! I do as I will! Mom excepts it! Edds parents except it! Why can't you? What's so bad?!"

"The bad going is, I'm gonna get shit while people are calling my son a fag. My son, whom everybody expected to sucseed, is grinding it agents some guy! I refuse to except it, your mother may do as she will, but I am not her. But your mine boy, my very flesh and blood. I'll beat the gay out of you with my fists if I must... If that's what it takes." He cracked his knuckles, starring at Kevin dead on.

Edd shrunk back, not knowing what to expect. He knew that ,Kevin's dad wouldn't dare hit his son. But a sliver of him was scared that that's just what he would do... He rested his hands on Kevin's upper arm, pulling him back with him; "maybe this isn't a good time... I can smell the alcohol bubbling off him..."

"Remove your hands from my son fag!" The man growled.

Kevin's eyes grew wide; "don't you fucking dare talk to him like that! At this point, I don't care if you judge me! You won't change my mind!" Kevin grabbed his boyfriends wrist, storming out the door and across the cul-de-sac, looking to get away from his father for as long as he could.

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