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"M-mom! That's great! Being home... Early..." Kevin glanced at Edd, as if saying I told you so.

"Hello Mrs. Barr, how... Pleasing to see you..."

"Always the little charmer Edd, I see why my boy likes you." She flashed us a charming smile before walking to the kitchen, her heels clicking on the floor.

"M-m-mom!!!" Kevin blushed madly, looking down at the carpet.

"Why, thank you Mrs. Barr. May I ask, you aren't... Upset?"

"Well, I've known for a while... Two years maybe... I believe I discovered it much before Kevin did, so, therefore, I was... A little shocked, but upset? Heavens no! To be honest, I'm glad you two finally figured it out yourselves, and by the sex which, I'm going off a limb... But it's easy to detect, especially from hearing... Unnerving moans brought the walls last night... I know my boy has wasted his virginity on girls, so I'm not upset about the sex. Anymore questions?" She smiled again, acting as if it where just another typical day at home.

Me and Kevin stuttered together, trying to babble sentences, ways to explain ourselves.

Edd coughed slightly, earning the Redheaded boys attention; "She heard us?!" Edd whisper yelled.

"Guess so..." Kevin fiddled with his pants, putting them on properly.

"Also, sweetheart, would you be a dear, and refrain from... How do you kids say it... Um... Doing it on my couch? Thank you baby." His mother said from the kitchen, still calm as can be.

"I... Um... Well... Sorry mom..." Kevin rubbed the back of his neck, his blush still vibrant.

"If you will excuse us Mrs. Barr, I think me and Kevin will go to his room to dress appropriately." Edd excused them, causing his boyfriend to let out a relieved sigh.

"Of course dear, also, when you see your mother, tell her to get a Facebook account, tell her it's much worth her while." She winked, letting the boys go as they scurried downstairs.

Once safely in Kevins room with the door closed and locked, they talked.

"Well, that... Wasn't so bad. To be honest, I expected worse, considering your mother is very dear, I didn't expect yelling, just scolding." Edd said, relieved.

"Me to. She is calm, but if I where her, I'd be pissed." Kevin shrugged, pulling on a shirt, then removing his pants to add his boxers, Edd doing the same.

"Well, your mother knows... She school knows... Eddy and Ed know... Now who?"

"Uh, my dad, your parents... And... I think that just about covers it." Kevin added, completing the list.

"Alrighty then, shall we inform my mother and father in the morning? I'd like you to attend the conversation... For... Support? I don't know what to expect from them, to be completely honest. They are home early in the morning, at 6:00, and they leave for work at 6:30... They get ready for work well before then, so we have a half hour window, assuming you'll want to sleep in til the last possible second..." Edd worded the idea, waiting for the elders response.

"You know me so well babe..." He pulled Edd in for a kiss; "Of course I'll come, just so long as you... Return the favor..."

"For your father?"

"Um... Sure... That's what I meant..."

Edd raised an eyebrow but agreed nonetheless.

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