Chapter 11

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I woke up the next morning next to anti, again I slowly scooted to the edge of the bed to get up when I felt a arm slither around my waist "And where do you think your going?" Anti asked with a smirk. "Well I was planning to get up, get a shower, eat then go on with my life" I said with a laugh. "Well that whole life thingy will have to wait because you have to give me a kiss to start the day so you schedule actually should go, give Anti a kiss, get a shower, eat, then go on with your life" Anti said. "oh, I'm soooo sorry that must have slipped my mind" I said with a small hint of exaggeration. "Oh well maybe this will jog your memory" Anti said and slowly pulled me in for a kiss but before our lips met Jack bursts in. "oops did I interrupt anything?" Jack said while wiggling his eyebrows, "DUDE GET OUT", "no I came in here to tell you to to hurry up and that Mark, Dark, and Wilford are on there way over and will be here in about a half hour or so" Jack said. "Oh shit, I need a shower" I said while jumping out of bed grabbing clothes, abd running into the shower. "hey what 'bout my kiss" Anti said with a pout, "It will have to wait until 20 minutes or so". Ok I'm waiting"

{20 min time skip by zero morning smooches}

I got out of the shower and put on black leggings, a white shirt with a flowey sweatshirt over it and some red converse {I'm getting the flowey sweatshirt for my birthday on the 16th YAY}. I then ran downstairs and saw Jack playing GTA5 on the T.V. and Anti sitting on the arm of the couch listening to wolf in sheep's clothing on my phone. "Hey Anti why do you have my phone?" "Ummm I was bored so I decided to take it and listen to music, and you have god taste in music" I know, and I need it I HAVE to listen to music on my phone to cook breakfast" "Oh here" Anti hands me the phone. I walk into the kitchen put on my playlist called spoopy {a real playlist on my phone BTW XD} and start to make waffles.

After the waffles were done I called the two doofs into the kitchen to eat "ok we will be in (Y/N). then as they walk in Mark, Dark, and Wilford walk in the house "OMG WHO MADE THE WAFFLES I LOVE WAFFLES!!" Mark yelled. "sheesh Mark I made them soo don't get too exited. Now get in here and eat, all three of you" I said the three then walked in. As I was eating I noticed that Mark was staring at me like the WHOLE time, "Umm (Y/N) can I talk to you alone?" "uhh sure" I saw Anti sneer at Mark, Anti's eyes looked like they wanted to kill mark. I hesitated but followed Mark into the spare bedroom " H-hey umm your good with people r-right?" "I guess, why what do you need Mark?" "Umm there is this girl I like and I need to know how to ask her." Ok what's her name?" Her name is Zoe {I'm sorry I know that's my name I just had too tho and if its one of your names just change it}" "Oh what's she like?" "Well she has blue eyes and Brown hair, she loves video games and she likes music" "Well if I were you I would just ask be all like (does a crappy Mark voice) Hey Zoe you wanna go to see a movie or something?" "Ok, first off ,Is that how I sound too you? And thanks for the help" Marks asks with a laugh "No that's not how you sound, and your welcome. We then walk out and all play GTA5 together for a few hours when anti asks "Who else is hungry?" I raise my hand with my eyes glued to the T.V. because I was focusing on flying a jet. then out of nowhere jack rams his jet into mine and we both die, "oh fuck you jack" "what did I do?" he asks innocently with a evil smirk, "your a dick, ya'know that?" "yes I know" but yeah lets all go out to eat lunch, Anti is buying. "What! why me?" "Because you are the one who suggested we all go and eat" "No I asked who is hungry, you said lets go out and eat" Well that sucks get your wallet"

{After the lunch time at Le olive garden}

"that was nice" Wilford said "I know right I almost died of laughter when the waiter tripped and fell" I chuckled "Yeah and when she tried to walk it off like nothing happened" Anti chuckles Mark the grabs me and whispers in my ear and sais " Zoe said yes to me I asked her over text because I get no privacy here but that's beside the point she said yes" " oh good for you mark, I knew you could do it" I smile proudly, I see Anti glance over at me and Mark and he snapped. "WHAT THE FUCK MARK, WHY ARE YOU WHISPERING TO MY GIRL?!?" "Someone jealous" Mark smirks, Anti then launched himself at Mark and tackles him to the the parking lot of Olive garden. I then rush over and pull Anti off of Mark "ANTI MARK WAS JUST TELLING ME THAT HE HAS A DATE, HE ASKED ME HOR DATING ADVICE EARLIER AND THE GIRL SAID YES!!" Anti stops struggling to get to Mark "oh, umm sorry dude I thought you were trying to take MY girl" "Nah dude I wouldn't do that to you even tho (Y/N) is pretty hot" "HEY" Anti said "It was a joke, not the pretty part but chill I wouldn't do that to you". "Ok god to know, and that goes for all of you (Y/N) is mine and mine only don't touch her" Anti says, he then throws me over his shoulder, and we go home.

{Time skip home}

" Hey who wants to play happy Wheels with me?" Jack asked, "MEE I DOO" I yelled "Ok then anyone else?" The room goes silent..........."Ok then (Y/N) lets go play some.......HAAAAAAAPPY WHEEEELSSSSS!!!!!!!!!" Jack shouts "YAYYYYYYYTY" I shout as loud as jack. "Ok so we arn'nt gonna record because I pre recorded enough videos so I don't need any more right now". "Ok"

{5 hours of playing different video games with Jack later}

After the fun we order Chinese food. After we eat Mark, Dark, and Wilford leave and the us three go to bed, but not before Anti snuck up on me and gave me the kiss I promised.


Hey guys, I finally got my family stuff sorted out...sort of so I'm back, and I'm happy about it I wont be able to update every day like I did until I get a new laptop for Christmas. So until then I will updated every other day or so, have a super sparkly day, bye

~Author chan

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