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Imagine for Laura

Start from the beginning

When all hands shoot into the air, she let's out a little laugh, showing that even she is excited.

"Very well," She says, clapping her hands once. "Vegas it is."

Everyone starts clapping and cheering and most of the students go to Harry and thank him for "saving their asses."

"Now, since that's settled, the school has us on a budget so, we are only to rent five rooms, and with the thirty of you in here, that means six per room. Now, choose wisely." She dismisses us.

"Zayn! Liam!" You call over your two friends. "Wanna bunk?" I ask Zayn when he approaches.

"Yeh, cool." He smiles.

"Where's Liam?" You ask as he takes a seat next to me.

He points and your gaze follows the direction to see he's talking with three other guys: Niall, Harold/Harry, and Louis.

You furrow your eyebrows when they all start walking towards Zayn and you.

"Hey, Laura," Liam says, looking down at your green eyes.

"Hey, Liam," You say back, smiling.

"These are Niall, Louis, and Harry. Is it alright of they share a room  with us?" He asks you.

"Yeah, I guess." You say, bobbing my head to Zayn. "You?"

"Yeah it's cool," Zayn says.

"Dude, that was so slick, how did you know all of that?" Liam asks Harry.

"I had an article on Wikipedia open on my phone, under my desk," He says, smiling.

"Nice!" Everyone laughs.


And that's how you ended up in this suite in Vegas.

"Holy shit, this room is huge!" Niall yells, coming back from exploring the suite. 

"Okay, so, there are three rooms. One has one bed, another has three, and the last  has two," Liam says  one 

"That being said, I think I deserve the master bed," says Louis.

"No way! Why do you get it?" Harry asks. 

"Because I'm the oldest."

"Only by...what...nineteen days away form Zayn?" You laugh.

"It still counts," He says, winking.

"No way, mate. I think since I'm the reason we're all here, I deserve to get the master room." Harry continues, partly kidding.

"How about," You cut them all off. "We just move all the mattresses from all the beds into the living room floor. It's big enough." You suggest.

"Yeah, that works," Harry says, followed by all of them agreeing. 

"Cool, but...I get the big mattress," You say, walking into the master bedroom.

"Why's that?" Harry says. 

"Because it was my idea," You say, throwing him a wink over my shoulder. 

You pick up the mattress and start dragging it into the living room, trying to be as careful as you can since the mattress is blocking you view. Halfway through, you bump into someone and that causes you to fall over, with the mattress falling on top of me. 

"Laura?" Louis voice speaks. 

"Yeah?" You muffle from underneath the mattress.

"There's a mattress on top of you?" He informs you.

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