My name is Ella Styles, and no I'm not related to Harry Styles. I'm 18 years old and recently graduated from high school. I would say that I'm tall and fit. My dark brown hair stops in the middle of my back and I have brown eyes. I'm from Florida, but I just recently moved to California to start my own life. I keep to myself and I'm kind of social. kind of
. I've only had 1 relationship since I was 15 years old. And yes, I am a virgin. Don't judge my patheticness. I found this new app, it's called KIK. It's just a harmless app right? Little did I know, this one app would change my life forever.

What a long day. I looked everywhere for a job but found literally nothing. Maybe I should start college. Nah I don't have money for that. My parents are currently paying for my apartment at the moment until I have enough money to pay rent.

I walk into my apartment and go straight to my closet after locking the front door. I need to change into comfortable clothing and step out of these tight jeans and t-shirt.

After changing and making tea, I sit on my bed and pull out my phone to check the new app that Sam told me to download. I have 3 new messages, 1 from Kim, 1 from some creeper who won't leave me alone and another from a stranger.


Stranger- *You're gorgeous*

I find myself blushing at the stranger's choice of words.

E- *Thank you (:*

S- Where ya from?*

E- *Cali, you?*

S- *I'm from Ireland but im in New York*

E- *Sounds fun*

S- *Ya just hangin with my best mates*

E- *I'm by myself drinking tea*

S- *So you're alone?*

E- *Yeah*

S- *No boyfriend?*

E- *Nope*

S- *You're way to gorgeous to not have a boyfriend*

E-*Thanks but I rather stay single*

S- *Ouch*

E- *What?*

S- *Nothing. I don't mean to be rude, but do you send pictures?*

E- *Nudes?*

S- *Yeah*

E- *No.*

S- *Why not?*

E- *I'm not going to send nude pictures to a total stranger*

S- *What if I wasn't a stranger?*

E- *Then I would really have to trust you*

S- *You can trust me and I'm not a stranger anymore*

E- *Yes you are, I don't even know your name*

N- *My names Niall*

E- *Still doesn't make a difference*

N- *Search my name on da internet and you'll find out everything about me*

E- *It's not like youre famous*

N- *I trust you enough for me to tell you that I am*

E- *How can you trust me?*

N- *I just do*

E- *Youre an idiot*

N- *Will you spill my secret? "Niall Horan's official kik" isn't anything big. I'll just make a new one*

E- *I'll tell everyone you asked for nudes*

N- *I doubt you would*

E- *Okay maybe you aren't an idiot*

N- *You just wouldn't seem like a girl that would do that. I mean come on, you said no to nudes*

E-*That doesn't mean anything*

N- *Yes it does. If you were one of the other girls you would send me a picture but youre obviously not*

E- *Well I like my privacy*

N- *I see that*

E- *Don't ask me again*

N- *Don't tell me not to or I will*

E- *Ignorant*

N- *Excuse me?*


N- *Send me pictures of your boobs*

E- *Prick*

N- *I'll ask again*

E- *Still an ignorant prick*

N- *Sure*

E- *I am very sure*

N- *I like your attitude. Its sexy*

E- *You changed from beautiful to sexy. Nice.*

N- *You can be both*

E- *Okay*

N- *You should send me a picture*

E- *No.*

N- *Come onnnn*

E- *No fuck you*

N- *Gladly*

E- *Youre sick -__-*

N- *I'm a guy.*


N- *Smart ass*

E- *Youre funny*

N- *I know*

E- *Im funnier*

N- *Whatever you see love*

I find myself laughing at his humor. This guy can't be famous. He's probably lying to me so I would have a bigger chance of sending him nudes.

E- *Are you really famous?*

N- *Yes im not lying*

E- *Yes you are*

N- *No im not I swear ill send you a picture of me and one of my friends*

E- * Send one*

N- * *

E- *...*

N- *Do you believe me?*

E-*Okay... you better not be lying*

N- *Im not. Im going to Cali next month*

E- *Okay and?*

N- *Lets meet up*

E- *How about we not*

N- *Why not*

E- *Still don't know you well enough*

N- *You'll know me well enough by the time next month comes*

E- *We'll see*

N- *:)*

E- *Im super tired and im hitting the sheets*

N- *What are you wearing to sleep ;P*

E- *Shorts and a tshirt *

N- *Hot*

E- *Wow okay bye*

N- *Bye gorgeous ;)*

What the hell was that.

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