Chapter 10

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-------------NALA'S P.O.V-----------

It was Drew. He was back to finish what he starded. Fear filled my whole body as I looked into those deep eyes that used to hold so much kindness. He pulled my hair again making me wince in pain.

"Leave me alone!" I said, trying to sound confident.

He laughed right infront of my face taking advantage of the fact that there was nobody else around.

"Sweetheart, I missed you." He said with a smile.

"I doubt it." I said immediatly regreating it.

He grabbged my face tight, hurting my jaw.

"Let go of me!" I yelled loudly while hitting his chest with the little strength that I had.

"Make me!" He yelled back.

Suddenly, his grip around me dissapeared and I heard punches. I looked down and a horrified shriek came from my mouth. Bruno was on top of Drew, punching him with so much force that Drew's face was unrecognizable.

"Stop!" I yelled while trying to pull Bruno away from the monster that used to be my boyfriend. "Please!" I yelled even louder.

"Get in the car!" Bruno yelled at me.

"Bruno!" I yelled as I again tried to get him off Drew.

He got up and pushed me inside the car. "I SAID GET IN THE CAR!"

I looked at the window and saw every punch in slow motion. Drew was now covered in blood aswell as Bruno's hands. Bruno finally got up and yelled at him.

"I so wish I had killed you yesterday! You're lucky she's here or else I would kill you right now with my bare hands!" He said as he crashed him against the concrete floor. My shirt was now soaked in tears. Bruno opened the drivers door and got in. He starded driving and soon, police sirens were heard.

"S***" he said loudly.

He starded driving fast, trying to get home as fast as possible. I was still crying and everytime I would look at Bruno, my eyes would go directly to his bloody hands. My breathing was fast and I felt as if my heart was about to explode. Every minute I was with him in the car I felt the oxygen level get lower and lower. When I finally saw his house, I got out of the car even before he was parked and starded running, but I wasn't running towards his house, I was running away from it.

"NALA!" Was all I heard as I kept running.

Every step I took hurt physically and mentally. I soon heard a car. Bruno was looking for me. I starded running even faster, not looking back. I heard the car even closer this time and my vision was a complete mess because of all the tears that were falling. I stopped to catch my breathe and I recognized Brooke's house. I ran to her house and starded knocking on her door. Every knock would get louder. I looked to my right and I saw Bruno's car in the distance. At this point, I was yelling.

"BROOKE PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR!" I said yelling in fear.

She opened the door and before she could say anything, I got in and locked the door.

"Help me please!" I yelled as tears starded pouring down faster than ever.

She looked out the window and then looked at me. I looked at the window and saw his car. I covered my mouth with my hands as my heart beat increased. I felt the whole room close around me as his car stopped infront of the house. Brooke looked at me with confusion and fear in her eyes. We looked at the window again and he had left, he didn't see me. I felt my legs shake and soon I was back in the floor, crying my heart out. Brooke got down and hugged me and a couple minutes later she starded crying with me. We were like this for about an hour until she managed to help me up and take me to her room. She sat me down in her bed and gave me a blanket. She then sat in the bed with me.

"What happened?" She asked, her voice quiet.

"Bruno, the guy in the car...He almost killed Drew." I said as tears threatend to come back down.

Brooke gasped and covered her mouth with her right hand.

"What... Why?" She said horrified.

I thought about it. Why did he? "To protect me." I finally said, questioning every word.

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