9 - Demons

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 It only took a matter of seconds before they were all back at the mansion. It was cold, colder than any winter the town had ever had before. The trees no longer swayed in the wind as Jeff, Rochelle and Kate entered the mansion. Every creature was sat in the living room. It was silent, well, until Jeff, Rochelle and Kate came back inside. Rochelle was still sobbing into Jeff's shoulder and by now Jeff's jumper had even more blood on than before. 

 "What happened?" Slender Man asked, rushing over to Rochelle and taking her from Jeff. When he saw the state his daughter's face was in, he was simply shocked. He was speechless. 

 "Slendy, I don't know what hap-" Jeff was cut off by Slender Man.

 "Jeffrey, did you f-find her l-like this?"He stuttered, still in shock about his daughter's face. Jeff nodded slowly and looked away. Silence. Everybody and everything had a feeling inside of them, a feeling they'd never felt before.. .In a way, you could say they felt sad.. sorry, upset. Normally, they weren't like this.. They were murderers... They had no feelings. This proved they do. They aren't really that different to us, are they?  "R-Rochelle, sweetheart, what happened? W-who hurt you?" 

 A small tear trickled down her cheek as she went to answer. "I-It was the-It was... I don't know." Rochelle said, gripping hold of her fathers black tie, pulling it away from his neck. 

 "Well, c-can you describe them?" Rochelle shook her head and sniffled. The tears stopped and it was silent once again. All you could hear was Rochelle's heavy breathing. 

 "Maybe, just maybe, we could forget about it, and make Rocky happy again..." Laughing Jack suggested, receiving nods from all the other creatures. Slender Man sighed, his faceless head nodding in agreement too. 

 "Lets get you cleaned up." Slender Man said, walking upstairs and into the huge bathroom. He rummaged around in several cupboards until he pulled out a box of bandages, some cream and a sponge. He carefully cleaned her face, making sure he didn't hurt her before applying some cream to the wounds and then wrapping bandages around her arms where they were hurt and her legs where they were hurt. After that, he picked his daughter up and went back downstairs. He placed Rochelle on the sofa, next to BEN. 

 "Mr? How come you're so much like a video game?" Rochelle asked, tugging on BEN's elf like hat. BEN turned to look at Rochelle and simply smiled. 

 "It's just my fate. My terrible, terrible fate. But, it's okay. I guess you could say... apart from drowning, my life is pretty good.... And I'm sorry if I scared you yesterday..." BEN explained. Rochelle listened carefully and smiled. 

 "Mr, I like you!" Rochelle wrapped her arms around BEN, hugging him tightly. All he could do was continue to smile. He'd never felt this loved before... He, like every other creature in the mansion, was a demon, a murderer, something that shouldn't exist.... But now, he felt like he was put on this earth for something. He had a meaning. His fate wasn't so bad, after all. 

 "Thank you, Rocky.. Wanna play a game with me?" BEN asked in reply. Rochelle nodded eagerly. BEN handed her a Nintendo controller and turned the gaming console on. As it loaded, some very weird music began to come from the kitchen. It wasn't the type of song that you really expected a murderer to play, but he played it...

 "Round and round the Mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel, the monkey thought t'was all the fun.. Pop goes the weasel.."

 "L.J, turn that rubbish off! Me and Rocky are trying to play a game!"

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