Meeting the Boys

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As I lugged my heavy suitcase upstairs, I chewed on my lower lip. A ton of things could go wrong- they could gave just asked me to move in as a joke, they were actually really old men, AKA pedo alert. Or they were like vampires... which could be cool. What if they were like Damon and the other one in the Vampire Diaries? I totally would dig that.

Of course, since Vampires didnt really exist, I had my doubts concerning the whole Vampire Diaries theory. But they could be zombies, because I had so seen a show on the Discovery Channel about how there were signs of zombies existing in Siberia. Or maybe I'd seen that on South Park... I stifled a nervous smile and knocked on the door, wondering what I was doing.

There was no reply, and I was instantly worrying about the fact that they could very maybe be under like gunfire from terrorists who would seize me and then we'd all be stuck, captive. And I would probaly get Stockholm syndrom and fall in love with this horrible, aggressive terrorist. At least, I comforted myself, he would be a better boyfriend than 'him'. I tried knocking on the door again, standing there awkwardly.

Or maybe, I thought, they were all secretly superheros...

"Whaddya want?"

Standing in front of me, was a tall highly attractive former best-friend dressed in... boxers.

No shirt, no pants. Boxers. And some lipstick smudged across his shoulder, trailing downward... I suppressed a shudder. Ew. Ew. Ew.

He was also showing off his six-pack. He was tanned, mocha skinned actually. His dark unruly curls reached his shoulders, his eyes were deep and soulful and met mine in suprise. He had firm muscle, but it wasn't like he was a body builder either. He had slimmer shoulders than real muscle guys ... in fact he looked like a model. Which could come in handy, since he did model part time.

"Hi Cam!" I said brightly, "It's Serena... I was meant to move in.... today?"

I peeked at him, trying to judge if he could remember his invitation. He frowned his nicely plucked brows drawing together.

"Are you? Wow, how drunk was I?" he chuckled, "Lemme get the guys."

The guys. A cold wave of knowledge hit me. I was in New York city. The Big Apple. I was in an appartment block going up thirteen stories. I was on the seventh floor. I was standing in the doorway of flat number 333. I had moved away from home, chucked my phone out the window. And I was about to move my roommates, two of which I had never even seen before. Ever.

What the heck was I on yesterday??! I was about to turn my tail and run... but then, god damn it, a memory of 'them' emerged, springing on me from nowhere. Hand in hand. And I couldn't face it to go back, I wouldn't put myself through that. I didn't even care if they were perverted psychopath's planning on murdering me... I was not not not going back.

And in a line, looking like supermodels they emerged. Cam was in front, but the guy in the middle was definately the tallest and looked like the most macho guy you could ever meet.

He had short sandy blonde hair, and sparkling blue eyes which reminded me of warm summers in the caribbean. He was a real muscle man with bulging triceps and biceps or whatnot. He was not wearing a shirt- which was not cool, who did these guys think they were, Jacob fricking Black?- and a charming smile which no movie star could ever pull off. He was also tanned, but more like a soft summer tan, not orange like he Jersey Shore gang or Twillight Pale.

"You are our new roommate?" he demanded, running his eyes over me.

I felt insecure under his handsome gaze. I was no supermodel myself- the only thing I really loved about myself was my soft blue eyes framed by reasonably long lashes. Sure I did have long legs, but I had no tan to make them look attractive. I put Bella Swan to shame with my ghostly legs. My long blonde hair hung a little past my shoulders, completely straight.

"If you'll have me," I smiled a little shyly.

The warm charming smile grew under my words and he stepped out of the hug to give me a warm hug. I was suprised but pleased, breathing in his smell. He smelt of honey and autumn leaves which sounded odd but was actually quite nice.

"Of course! Hot people are always allowed to join the Zac Brothers," he said, winking.

"We are not the 'Zac Brothers', Zac," Cam rolled his eyes at me, grinning.

Zac laughed easily and stepped back, ruffling Cam's curls. I rested my eyes on the last one, who I supposed had to be Ace.

He was wearing P.Js, nice striped ones only his shirt was completely unbuttoned, revealing yet another six pack. My ego was taking a serious blow here, let me tell you. He had bright green eyes, cat-like in the dim morning light. His glossy dark brown hair had a wave to it, hitting shy of his shoulders. He was not smiling or smirking, instead he was weighing me up. He was, in my personal opinon, the sexiest one of them all.

I had to admit it, I totally dug guys with that mysterious aura around them.

Of course it all depended on what your personal prefence was, Cam was like a Greek God, all dark and bronzed and muscle-y. Zac was a blonde, muscle guy with the cutest smile I had ever seen. Ace was a dark mystery guy who could send a shiver down your spine by just one powerful look. How was I meant to survive with such hot guys surronding me?

"Yeah, I can see what you meant, Cam. She's a ten," Ace said.

Did he just rate me a ten? The smile threatening to crack from my lips was huge. I bit on my lip again, trying not to the happy dance.

"So how much stuff did you bring?" Zac asked me, yawning a little.

"Well, I have two cardboard boxes in the car, and this suitcase," I said, "I'm making a clean break, you know?"

"Sure, kiddo," Ace said, stretching and putting on some converse shoes.

Kiddo?! What did he mean with kiddo?! I was legally an adult, had moved out of my house and was starting college soon! Sure, I watched the Disney Channel sometimes but who didn't? I happened to love The Suite Life, but I was still mature. And I rarely got scared of the dark anymore- I was fine with a cold dark room where the Ring girl might be waiting to pounce on you, her hair swinging back and forth- and oh my god, I was terrified of the dark.

"What's wrong with you, Serena? You've gone all pale," Zac told me, nudging me.

"Um, nothing," I said.

"She must have seen a spider," Ace guffawed.

"Hey, spiders are scary!" I defended myself, "And stop treating me as if I'm five. How old are you, seventy?"

"Eighty-five," he answered back coolly, a hint of a smile round his lips.

"Ace is nineteen, Zac twenty," Cam informed me as he pulled on some sweatpants which were discared on the sofa.

Who got undressed in the living room? I shook my head at them and pulled my suitcase inside, rolling it into the middle of the room. There were two corridors leading off the room, one to the right and the other to the left. Where was I meant to go? I looked at Cam but he was already jogging downstairs along with the other two to get my boxes.

Great, just great.

And to make matters better, a tall thin girl strutted out of the right corridor, into the living room. She was dressed in a bra and panties- did she have no shame?!

"Who the heck are you?!" she shrieked the moment she saw me.

"Umm... Serena Jones," I mumbled, looking at my shoes.

"Lemme guess, you're one of Zac's little skanks?"

I opened my mouth to protest but before I could say anything she'd slapped me across the face.

Oh no she didn't.

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