Chapter 1 - Roommate.

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Third Person's POV

Calum took a sip of his hot chocolate, sighing dreamily as he looked out of the window. Snow is falling softly from the sky, hitting the ground. The weather is a little too cold making Calum pull his sweater paws and continue drinking his hot chocolate.

One more year and Calum will be the happiest person alive. One more year and he'll be presented, an omega to be specific. He knows that fate will decide if he's gonna be an omega, beta or an alpha but he's too gay and twinky to be an alpha.

Calum has been leaving alone for a few years, his family decided to move in US but he chose to stay. Now he's living with his 24 year old cousin who's always not home.

He heard the doorbell rang and he stand up and opined the door. 'Ash hey.' Calum greeted the blonde boy and let him in immediately.

'I have an offer for you Calum and its really a very good offer and I think you won't be able to say no to it.' Ashton said.

'Okay but before we start talking, I'm gonna make you some hot chocolate since you look so cold.' Calum said seeing Ashton is shivering lightly.

He went to the kitchen and started making the hot chocolate. He came back with two cups, one for Ashton and a refill for him.

'So what is it about?' Calum said as he sat down on the couch beside Ashton. 'You know Luke right? Blonde, blue eyes, eight feet tall-'

'Dreamy, sexy, hot, large dick, what about him?'

'Okay that boy became an alpha last week. And he's looking for a roommate in his apartment. And I think you're the perfect person!' Ashton said.

'What do you mean I am the perfect person? And why do I have to know that he became an alpha, its obvious really.'

'He said he wants a roommate who knows how to cook, a little weird, listens to bands like twenty one pilots and others, organized, and friendly. You're almost an omega and he's single meaning you can be his mate since you've been craving for a mate even though you're not presented yet.' Ashton said.

'Oh my god did he describe me? Did he want me to be his roommate. And right! I've been liking him for roughly a month now so I think we can get a little close to each other then I'm gonna have a mate!' Calum squealed.

'Okay, what about the expenses? You need to pay for the rent. And other stuffs there.'

'I think I'll just tell mum about it, I know she'll agree cause I'm her youngest child.' Calum said a little too confident.

'Here's Luke's number, text him now before he got a new roommate, I have to go now since I just walked by. Mum is probably waiting for me.' Ashton said and got up. Calum and him shared a hug before he's leaving.

Calum quickly saved the phone number and texted luke.

Calum: hi? is this Luke?

Luke: hi, yeah I am :-)

Calum: umm I was wondering if I can be your roommate? I heard you've been searching for one. My names calum by the way, friends with Michael.

Luke: oh yeah, I'm looking for a roommate. Do you want to come over? I'm gonna show you the place or do you want me to just take a picture?

Calum: I'll just go there tomorrow since I wanna see the apartment.

Luke: here's the address [address here] its the house with a broken fence.

Calum: I'll come by at 3, see u tomorrow :)

Luke: bye, see u tomorrow :-)

Calum have an excuse to text Luke now.


This is short I know. Since it just started, things are gonna be a little slow and maybe after chapter 8 things will become complicated.

~Anne <3

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