I want to and I know that's what he would want for me but it's hard. How do you move on from the one person that made you smile and made you appreciate life more.

Sean loved me, no one has ever made me feel wanted. Except Chris. He makes me feel like I'm the only one that matters.

I turn to Chris and he blushed looking away trying to play it off. I giggled before looking back to the movie.

Chris's POV
Shit, did she see me staring? I didn't mean for her to see me looking. I just really like her, but I know that Justin likes her too.

But I want Ariana, I've dated girls before in the pasted but that was before I was a vampire. Once I became a vampire I wasn't allowed to talk to humans so I didn't. But I was the only that listened because that's when Lauren met Rachel.

But for me I kept to myself, but now that I like a vampire and I think Ariana likes me why cant I go for it?

I'm just a little scared, what if Justin gets to her first?

I turn back to Ariana to catch her staring at me. I froze but when she smiled at me I calmed down. She leaned towards me and rested her head on my chest. I tensed up putting my arm around her.

I heard her giggle and I smiled. She's so cute when she giggles.

I soon calmed down and relaxed.

Jesse's POV
Austin and I looked towards Chris and we fist bumped. "He finally got her." Austin whispered, we were both happy for our friend.

I looked towards Nick, he was watching the movie. I smiled thinking how cute he was.

When I felt Austin nudge me I looked away nervous. "So who do you like?" He asked not knowing who I was looking at.

I shrugged my shoulders glancing at Nick. "I don't know, Normani's hot." I told him seeing Normani on Dinah's lap.

He smiled agreeing with me. "I would love to make her scream my name." I continued hoping I sounded believable.

He nodded his head impressed with me. I smiled looking at Nick.

Zayn's POV
I shouldn't be thinking like this. Is not right. I'm sitting in the couch next to Kendall and Brad and I can't stop thinking about Kendall.

Kendall and I have spent a lot of time together training but I know she's with Brad. And I shouldn't like her but I do. While everyone was out Kendall and I stayed in the woods or in this house and we would talk for hours.

The first time I saw Kendall I knew I would spend the rest of my life with her. And that's not good because Kendall and Brad are together. But I can't help how I feel.

I turn my head seeing Kendall curled up in Brads arm. I frowned knowing we could never be like that.

I started to look around and saw Ally looking at Niall, Jesse was looking at Nick, Normani and Dinah were holding each other, Chris was holding Ariana, Dylan and Justin were just watching Tv.

I felt Brad tap on me. I turn to him, "Hey can you take my spot for a few minutes. I have to go to the restroom." He said making me smile in my head.

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