Chapter 12

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Harry's POV
"Will you just look at him. He's so cute." I heard Ally gush over Niall. We were watching a movie instead of going to school.

It was a long week and all we wanted to do was stay in and relax. Well some of us. Lauren went to school to see her girlfriend. But Zayn's pack came to our house and we all were in the living room watching a movie that no one was paying attention to.

I turn to Ally and she had her eyes on Niall. I glanced at the blonde boy and rolled my eyes. "He's gay." I whispered to her.

"Shut up, no he's not." Ally said slapping my arm making Louis turn to her and very protectively grab my hand before turning back to the movie.

"Is that a problem if he is gay?" I asked seeing Ally frown. "No, but I like him." Ally innocently told me.

"We'll get over him because he's gay." I told her but she wasn't okay with that.

"How do you know that he's gay?" Ally asked taking her eyes off of Niall. I shrugged my shoulders. "It's obvious, look how he's" I told her.

Ally looked at Louis and I and frowned, "You guys are sitting the same way has him." She said more like a whisper.

"See case closed, now let me enjoy the movie with my man." I told her but she drew her eyes towards Niall once again.

I rolled my eyes but didn't say anything.

Dinah's POV
I was trying to pay attention to the movie on the screen but I couldn't. Normani was on my lap. I had my arms around her.

At first it felt like old times and I was comfortable. We were both comfortable in each other's arms. But now I feel way too comfortable and it scares me.

I think I like Normani. It was so confusing the first time, I'm a werewolf and she's a vampire and as a werewolf we have our mates. And Normani's isn't my mate.

From what Harry and Louis told me is that when Harry first looked at Louis they both knew that they were each other's mate before they even know they were gay.

And when I saw Normani I didn't feel that, maybe I didn't feel that because she's a vampire and werewolves are supposed to be with their kind.

But from the beginning I wanted Normani to be my mate so bad that I dated her and fell in love with her, but I never told her my real feelings.

When I finally knew she wasn't going to be my mate I had to move on. That's what werewolves do. They have to find their mate.

Now that wars coming literally any day now I don't want to die and have these feelings for Normani not be known. I don't want to regret anything.

Normani's POV
I stayed quiet just so Dinah can hold me. I miss this feeling. I could tell she was thinking about something. I just didn't know what.

She blocked out her thoughts probably knowing I'll go in her head and read them.

Being held by Dinah I can't stop thinking about how much I love her. I don't think I ever got over her. And it was difficult seeing Dinah move on and not care but now things between us are better than ever.

Though, I really want us to date I'm not going to ask her first. What if she says no? So just to be on the safe side I'm going to way until she asks me or if she doesn't then I would end up asking her.

Ariana's POV
Honestly I don't think anyone was paying attention to the movie. I sure wasn't. I couldn't concentrate on the movie while Chris was looking at me. I like him and I know he likes me but since Sean died I don't know if I could move on.

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