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Since, naa-adik na ako masyado sa wattpad ngayon.

Here are the stories na nabasa ko na at binabasa ko pa lang plus the characters and the author. These are mostly Filipino stories. Mula sa kauna-unahan kong binasa with their book 2. This is arranged.

* Athena Dizon and Kenji Delos Reyes -  "She's Dating The Gangster" by SGWannaB

* Reah Rodriguez and Cross Sanford - "Diary ng Panget and Diary ni Eya" by Haveyouseenthisgirl

* Naomi Mikael Perez and Stephen Cruz - "Break the Cassanova's Heart" Operation by alyloony

* Arcie Morales and Jiro Festin - "My Prince" by alyloony

* Amber Lopez and Ren Salavador - "Reaching You" by alyloony

* Anjell Alcantara and Harry King Clarkson - "Don't Play With Me" by mi-myhtot

*Renesmee Marie Clarkson and Sol - "Let Me Be the One" by mi-myhtot

*Corrine Margaux Wright and Pierre Dwight - "Revenge ni Miss Piggy" by RicaManrique

*Biela Armeda and Rayley Villacruz - "Internet and Text Love Affair" JollibeeGenetalll

*Sam (I forgot her surname) and Aian Patterson - "Behind the Scenes" by mypencil123

*Samantha Perez and Timothy Odelle Pendleton - "Talk Back and You're Dead, Never Talk Back to a Gangster and When She Talked Back" by Alesana_Marie

*Momoxhien Clarkson and Sync Mnemosyne - "Voiceless" by Haveyouseenthisgirl

*Phoebe Isabelle Bernal and Kent Fuentabella - "Secretly Married" by forgottenglimmer

*Tina  and Blake  - "Living Under The Same Roof ( The Hottest Guy in School and The Promdi Girl) and LUTSR (Way Back into Love)" by i_love_kyle

*Chanel Courtney Chua and Kean Patrick Padua - "Three Words, Eight Letters, Say it and I'm Yours and TW,EL, If I say it, Will I be yours?" by girlinlove

*Sena Marie Reyes and Trey Dinaro - "11 ways to forget your ecx-boyfriend and Let me tell you, Allen" by Haveyouseen thisgirl

*Sairyl de Mesa and Brian  - "My ex-boyfriend and I" by Haveyouseenthisgirl

*Jacque Jaiden Perez and Jared (I forgot his surname) - "A KISS IN THE RAIN" - by i_love_kyle

*Jaehee Park and Jaeho Kim - "She's Dating The Gangster, too" by SGWannabe ~ (ON HOLD)

*Miyuki Sharlot Parco and Nathan Lance Mariano - "Sadist Lover, SL 2: Complicated Love and SL Book 3: Definitely a Sadist!" by aril_daine

*Ciary Lei Montes and Raffy San Diego - "A Typical Love Story" by Nutellakid

*Charlotte Crystel Roxas and Ervin Justine dela Fuente - "Forever I'll be your Prince, and Forever You'll be my Princess" by girlinlove

*Eyedea Lorraine Madrigal and Irvin Jace Fuertalejo - "Please Say Don't" by splitseconds

*Dakota Evans and Aaron Ford - "A and D" by fallenbabybubu

*Peach Xeira Anderson and Kyle Solomon - "548 Heartbeats" by peach_xvision

*Daryl Ace Aguilan and Jonathan Eli R. Kinoshita - "Meet The J.E.R.K" by

*Bella Echizen Smith and Jarvis Fortalejo  - "Black Butterfly (Queen  of Gangsters) by LaraMelissa

*Sophia Taylor and Drake Swift - "The Bet" by ilurvbooks

*Charice Eliza  Mendoza and Daryl Seuk Kang - "I'm Dating the Ice Princess" by Filipina