Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Miyuki’s POV


I sat up abruptly at the annoying sound of the stupid piece of trash known as an alarm clock. Evil alarm clock, I thought as I quickly heaved it off my silver chest of drawers and thrust it into the opposite wall which was painted a deep purple. I smirked as I heard the satisfying crack the clock made with the impact of the collision.

“Miyuki! That is the 3rd alarm clock this week!” mother scolded as she opened my white stripy door. I pouted, holding my crimson eyed bunny to my chest, making his grey paws tickle my neck.

“B-but that alarm clock woke me up from my dream! I was eating a strawberry cheesecake!” At that I burst into tears, making mother rush to me. She pulled me into a hug, her long chocolate brown hair shielding my face.

“Aw, I know sweet heart, but you really need to stop doing that! If you get candy when you get woken up, will you stop doing it?” I nodded eagerly. “But that’s the last alarm clock I’m getting you. Umehito will wake you up instead, okay?” I thought about it then gave another nod. As long as I get candy for getting up, then there’s a deal.

After mother left, I got into the new uniform I had pre-ordered because of my height issue; you see, I’m sixteen but I’m the same height as a seven year old. Anyway, I’m transferring to my brother’s school, Ouran Academy because I didn’t like St. Lobelia Girl’s Academy. To be honest, the Zuka club really freaked me out with the over dramatic people in the there as well as having them pinching my cheeks and cooing about how cute I was *shiver*. Well, back to the point, I absolutely loathe the colour of the uniform! It makes me feel cross between a marsh-mellow and banana flavoured candy floss. But that doesn’t mean I got to wear it, since Umehito doesn’t wear his uniform. So instead of pulling on that wrenched uniform, I wore a black and purple dress with a matching corset attached and netted leggings. I brushed my short brown hair that just reached my shoulders, put a red bow clip in it, then grabbed Sukāretto, my stuffed bunny that went everywhere I go and checked my black messenger bag that had hot pink retro patterns on, if my bag of lolly pops were in there. Once I got my black and red Mary-Jane’s with buckles on, I got downstairs and into the dining room.

“Ohayo okasan, onii-san, imouto-chan” I greeted as I plopped into my chair, where a cookie lay on my plate in front of me. Kirimi gave me a bright smile, “Ohayo onee-sama!” She replied while biting into her breakfast. Umehito nodded at me under his hood and mother gave me a frustrated look.

“Miyuki, you know you’re suppose to wear school uniform” she said, exasperate. I shook my head quickly. “Iie okasan! I don’t want to look like a marsh-mellow! You don’t have to wear it, ne onii-san?” I asked, giving Umehito my best puppy dog eyes.  He chuckled and shook his head, “I wear my cloak instead of uniform, so yes, Miyuki, we don’t have to.”

I beamed in victory at mother as my crystal blue eyes sparkled in delight.

“Jan ne okasan, Kirimi!” I yelled, as me and Umehito got into the limo. I hugged Sukāretto tighter and stuck a lolly pop into my mouth.

“I’m so excited, Sukāretto! I wonder what the school looks like” I whispered to my fluffy companion.

The question was soon answered as a pink castle-like school came into view. Kirimi would love it, I thought as I pictured my cute little sister’s face at seeing this fairytale building.

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