18: The Lunch Break

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"Wise please owl,
lived in an oak.
The more he saw
The less he spoke,
The less he spoke;
The more he heard :
Why can't we all be
Like that bird?
-Edward Hersey Richard
(pm me if u didn't understand;)) 

Words used : 2032


"Navya" I call crouching down beside her.

"You okay? " I ask peering into her face but it was effectively hidden under her curtain of hair. I wait as she looks to her right her stare longing there then goes back to looking at the tile.

"I'm... I'm sorry, I need to go.... To the... library! See you in next period! " She says trying to sound cheerful but I didn't miss the tremble in her voice.

Why was I noticing all of this?

I couldn't understand... It frustrated me but at the same time wanted to reach out and fade off all her worries.

I see as she ignores me, getting up swiftly leaving but I catch her wrist, recalling a few moments from my past. I knew that if I left her this time, didn't approach her this time it would get harder, the distance between us would drift apart, there would be a invisible channel of separation even when we'd be close, an awkward silence longing in the air.

My sis once said me...
At such moments it was either to ignore it for your whole life or have the courage an let them know you want to know about them so they could atleast have the time to decide and share. Never FORCE them to... Some things shouldn't be forced, no matter it was a small incident or a big one, people live with different strengths and different mentality there handling capacity differs, so just let then know you are there for them and they'll tell you.

I take a deep breath, I know I can do this, I won't be crossing any boundaries, it's a normal concern anyone who cared to ask would have.

"We are friends right? I know something is troubling you, You can say me... I'm a good listener" I say softly, carefully choosing my words. This habit of running away by leaving suddenly to avoid topics was something I was familiar with as my sis used to do a lot.

"No, its nothing Ayaz" she denies looking down trying to remove her wrist from my hold.

I take a step closer to her.

"Ayaz, please" she says backing. Her body was visibly trembling.

I can't leave her like that. Maybe something happened in the PT period...

"Say me what's troubling you? Did anything happen in the PT period" I ask. she quickly nods sidewards.

"Then? " I raise her chin so I can look at her face, she gasps slowly catching my hand and looks at me, her eyes vulnerable like she's about to cry or something. It broke my heart.

What must have happened?

"What is it? " I ask softly cupping her face with my hands. She keeps staring at me, hesitating to say, one minute she decides to say and then next minute she'd give up, biting her lips.

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