(1) Secrets Lies and Love (Picture of Andria)

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This is who I am thinking of for Andria. This is only a visual of the closest thing that I can think of for her but you need to imagine her with blue eyes.

Chapter 1

"Andria Lyn Johnson, get your arse out of bed. You don't want to be late for your last-first-day of high school, do you?" my annoying, twin brother, Drew, said while trying to shake me awake.

I looked at my alarm clock, wondering why it hadn't gone off yet. I saw what time it was and then I was mad.

"Andrew Hunter Johnson, it is only 6 o'clock. School doesn't start until 8:15, why the hell are you waking me up so early?" I yelled at him.

"Well, I guessed that you would want to make yourself extra pretty today. And I wouldn't want my little sis to look like crap on the first day of school," he said while stupidly batting his eyelashes at me. He always liked to lay emphasis on the fact that I was the younger twin.

"We are twins you dork. It doesn't matter who is older."

"Ah, but to the older one, it does. That fact always gives me the leg up on everything," he shouted this back to me as he walked out of my room to go to his own.

Andrew, who goes by Drew and I are twins, but he is older than me by 10 minutes and he never lets me forget it. We both have dark brown hair, but I lighten mine with golden highlights. His hair is short, and his favorite due is to spike it with gel. I usually leave mine straight and it goes down to my back. We both have the same dark, blue eyes and similar facial features. But, of course, his are maculine features, and mine are feminine.

I decided to get up and get ready for school. I walked into my bathroom and took a shower, letting the water wake me up. When I was done I walked into my closet to find the perfect outfit. I picked out my favorite flare blue jeans and a pink t-shirt. It fit nice me nice, seeing as I was in good shape. I through on my black converse and then walked back into my bathroom. I dried my hair so it hung straight. I put eyeliner and mascara on before grabbing my iPone, iPod Touch and backpack. Then I walked down the stairs to the kitchen.

I poured myself a bowl of Lucky Charms and then some milk and ate it. The way I ate my Lucky Charms was how I always had. I ate the cereal so all of the marshmallows would be saved for last. When I was done eating it I rinsed out the bowl and then put it in the dishwasher. I could hear the tv playing so I figured that Drew was watching it. I looked at the time and saw that it was 7:45 and we still needed to get our schedules from the office.

"Hey, Drew," I hollered, "we need to leave now so that we can get our schedules."

"Alright, alright, I'm coming," I heard him groan while getting off of the couch.

We walked out of the house and to Drew's car. We had both gotten our own car for our 16th birthday, but we always rode to school together in our families BMW. Drew was too scared to get his own car scratched.

Once we got to school, and had our schedules, I had to ask my brother a question, "Hey, Drew, I was wondering if it would be okay if I hung out with you and the guys today?"

"Sure, that sounds fine, but, what about your friends?"

"Do you really need to ask?" I asked while looking down at the floor.

"Oh, that's right. Sorry Andy," he said with remorse in his voice.

"It's alright."

We walked to our lockers and saw all the guys standing around. These guys were the main players on the football team. Drew was the quarterback. John, or as they liked to call him, "Johnny Boy", was the running back. And then there was the wide receiver, Stefan, my brother's best friend. There were a few other guys; Ryan, Jordan and Kurt, whose positions I couldn't remember.

As we walked up to the guys, they all gave me a similar look, they felt sorry for me.

"Hey Drew. Hey Andy," they greeted us.

"Hey guys," we said back in unison.

"So," I said, "do you want to tell them Drew, or should I?"

"I guess I will," Drew said to me. "Good news, boys. Friday night after the game, Andy and I are going to have our birthday party. Our parents wanted to do something for us, so they bought everything, and, they aren't going to be there. They said they needed to do something for the big 1-8."

"That's awesome man," I heard one of the guys say, along with a few other remarks of excitement.

I was facing the door when I saw the one guy I didn't want to ever see again walk into the building. Tears almost instantly sprang into my eyes. He had with him someone I didn't recognize, so he was probably new. I, however, didn't really pay him that much attention.

Drew could see where I was looking and put his arm around me. I leaned into his embrace for the support. I whispered to him, "I am going to go to class. I will see you at lunch."

"Alright Andy, just come find me if you need anything."

"Thanks Drew," I mouthed to him as I turned around and walked to class.

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