Don't Do It Please [Poem]

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My rendition of a song I had heard previously...


Just as I was about to jump down the building,
A girl with black glasses here before me was ready to do the exact same thing,
And before I could truly stop myself I scream,
"Hey, don't do it please!"

She stared back at me in disbelief and her tears streamed down her face
She told me all her suffering and pain
"I thought I could stand this school year but it seems I can't do it at all."

Are you serious?
It's just one school year and soon you'll get better!
You're lucky it isn't that bad,
Just don't worry about it, everything will be worth it.

"I'm feeling better, thank you."
The girl with black frames said, disappearing without a trace.
I was alone again.

"Finally I can go down," but it seems that somebody else appeared.
A girl tall as can be looked down, ready to do the same!
And once again it happens, I end up screaming,
"Hey! Don't do it please!"

She looks away in sadness, her mouth seeming to speak on its own,
"I try so hard to be who I want to be but now it just seems to be impossible. Everybody seems to hate me. I don't fit in."

Seriously? Just because you can't fit in here doesn't mean you aren't loved at home! Everybody loves you for who you are so stay!
Soon there will be somebody to come and love you for who you are.

"Thank you for listening to me, it was stupid."
The girl as tall as can be said,
Walking away and leaving me once more.

Day by day I listened to everybody's reasons to fall.
Some were stupid.
Others were not.
I did this for them,
But nobody would for me.

Then one day there was one.
A girl with a black cardigan stood,
She was broken beyond belief.
I was surprised there was somebody with the same pains as me.

"I want to stop the scars on my wrist from appearing again and again.
Everything just seems like it wants to kill me.
I might as well do it for them."
My mouth reacted on it's own,
"Hey...Don't do it please."

But what could I say to help this girl,
She has all the troubles I have and it seems I have gotten to a stalemate.
"It seems that today is not my day."
She says out of the blue, walking away from this rooftop leaving me, myself, and I.

Today was finally the day, my turn.
Nobody could interfere with me now,
Nobody would hear my sorrows,
But instead the grey concrete would paint them in crimson red.
I took off my black cardigan,
Removed my black glasses,
This tall girl who held all her troubles in for so long
will finally jump and become free.


(Not sure if to add or not, I want the girls that come every time to be her but this is an extra bit)

But wait what's this, it seemed that all of them had come back and screamed,
"Hey! Don't do it please!"
How could have this happened, I thought that they were just parts of my head,
But it seems that they are all real.

"You helped me realize how much I was able to succeed!" The girl with the black glasses said.
"I found somebody who did love me. My family supported me all the way." The girl as tall as can be smiled softly.
And finally the girl with the black cardigan smiled softly.
"You helped them all. And now we're helping you. Hey, don't do this. Please?"

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