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    I switched off the tv, and curled up on my couch

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I switched off the tv, and curled up on my couch. I just LOVED Diabolik Lovers! All the vampires were REALLY cute, AND I think living with them wouldn't be SO bad... I drifted off to sleep, and a I did, I felt something strange going on around me...

"Wake up, Miss Alex, we're here." A ma says. I sit up and realize I'm in a limo!? "Where am I?" He smiled. "Your destination, Miss Alex." I shrugged and grabbed the bag beside of me. I stepped out, and immediately realized where I was. I turned to get back in the car, but it was gone! It then, of course, started to rain. I sat on the front porch, sobbing into my knees. When I said I wished I could be in Yui's place, I didn't think it would actually happen! I sighed, getting really cold. I pushed the door open, and quietly sat down in front of the door. I just sat there, staring at the floor. I knew where I was, I was in the Sakamaki mansion...

I had been sitting there for about fifteen minutes when Reiji approached Ayato. "Do you smell that?" he nodded. "It smells like a girl." I puled my knees closer to my chest as they came closer. "What is she doing in here?" Reiji asked him. "Ask her, how should I know?" I heard Reiji sigh. "Miss, why are you in our home?" I looked up at them in tears. "I-I didn't really mean I wanted to ACTUALLY come live here in her place! I know this is where I'm going to die, and what if I never get back home?!" I sobbed. He seemed a little taken aback, but picked me up and carried me to the living area. I sat there, sobbing into my knees. "What did you mean you know you're going to die here?" Reiji asked. I sniffed. "I-know." He raised an eyebrow. "You know what?" He asked. I couldn't talk anymore, due to my sobs. "Who's this? A little human girl?" I heard Laito sigh. I began trembling when I heard Kanato beside me. They licked me and I shoved them away. "GROSS!" I cried. They laughed. "She's feisty, I like her." Suddenly, Shu sat up. "She must be the one they were talking about." He said. I sighed. "The church?" He seemed a little surprised but nodded. "Ah, so she's the new bride?" Reiji asked. "It's more of a sacrifice than a bride." Ayayto smirked. I started crying again as I curled up into a ball. "Why do you keep crying?" Reiji snapped. I stood up. "HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF YOU WERE RIPPED AWAY FROM YOUR WORLD AND SENT TO LIVE WITH SIX SADISTIC VAMPIRES THAT SEE YOU AS NO MORE THAN THEIR PREY? WOULD YOU BE CRYING TO, IF YOU KNEW THIS PLACE IS WHERE YOU WOULD EVENTUALLY DIE?!" He seemed a little taken aback. "I think, Reiji, that I have the RIGHT to cry if I want to." He raised an eyebrow at me. "Explain." I sighed. "I' from another world, and this is really an anime show. I know each and every one of you, I know your childhood, too. I know about a lot of things, but I still expect this to all be a dream, that I'm going to wake up back home with the tv still on, the show running. I-hope I'm just having a nightmare..." I cried. He frowned. "That can't be right, we're obviously real." Reiji snapped. I shook my head. "I know that Cordelia is trying to come back, that in that room you have locked up lies her dress, but what YOU don't know, is that Cordelia's heart IS that dress. She's going to try and possess my body, eventually. That's what happened to Yui in the show, but I guess in this scenario, I'M Yui..." I trailed off. "I know that Ayato was almost drowned when he was little, as well as the fact of Subaru's silver knife." They all seemed taken aback. "H-how!?" They cried. "I just told you for crying out loud!" I retorted. He sighed. "Suppose you ARE telling the truth, it will make no difference. You will be our new sacrificial bride." I nodded. "I know, and I have no choice, but to accept my fate..." I stared at my hands that were balled up in my lap. I was scared, but I wouldn't dare show it...

"Get up and put this on!" I sighed as I caught the uniform. "Get out, unless you're a perv like Laito!" I cried shoving Ayato out of the room. I quickly changed and opened the door. "I guess, let's go." I sighed. He led me to the car, and we were on our way. Reiji tossed me a cranberry juice. I nodded, as I understood what it was for. When we entered class, Ayato made me skip, and I knew what was coming. I slipped my hair out of the way. "I...know what you're going to do, so just hurry up and get it over with..." He smirked. "You really DO know everything, don't you, pancake?" I closed my eyes and waited for impact. I suddenly felt him grab my wrists and sink his fangs into my skin. It hurt a lot, but I didn't try to run. I knew I would have to get used to this, so I faced it. I was scared, but I was brave, because bravery isn't the absence of fear, it's dealing with fear head on. I began feeling weak, so I clung to his shirt. I felt the world fade into black.

Third Person POV:

"Really, must you do that here?" Reiji sighed. "Now what's wrong? Was her blood bad?" Ayato shook his head. "No, it was the sweetest thing I've ever tasted, like...strawberries..." Reiji frowned. "Then what is it?" Ayato met his gaze. "She knew what I was going to do, and she let me do it. She didn't scream, didn't cry, didn't try to run or push me away, I could tell she was scared and in pain, but she just sat there and took it. It's a little...unsettling." Reiji smiled. "Take her back home. She is in no state to remain here." Ayato nodded. "Yes, I agree..." Ayato said as he grabbed the girl and teleported home.

Alexandra's POV:

I sat up and stretched my limbs. I rubbed my fingers over the spot where Ayato had bitten me. The wounds were...deep. I sighed. This was my new life, so I have to get used to it, I guess. I got up and walked over to the window. I opened it, and sat on the sill, humming a tune. "How can you be so cheery, after you just had your blood drained by a monster?" Ayato asked. I sighed. "I understand this is my new life. Fighting it is futile..." He smirked at me. "The others are home and would like to speak with you." I nodded and followed him to the living room, head down. I meant nothing to these people, I was only prey... "So, Bitch-Chan, Ayato tells us you let him drink your blood, is that true?" I nodded. "I understand there is nothing I can do about my current position rather than accept it. There is nobody I know in this world, I have nobody, so even if I tried to escape, it's not like there's anything to escape to. I am from another world after all..." Laito's smile suddenly faded. "You seem so accepting of your fate...Ayato is right, this IS unsettling."He sighed. I simply sat there staring at the floor. "So, if we were to all drink your blood right now what would you do?" Reiji asked. I felt a tear trickle down my face. "I would bear the pain, because I know I would have no other choice. Not only are you stronger than me, but if I try to run, you can easily catch me. It'd be in my best interest to try and sit here until I passed out from blood loss..." Reiji simply frowned. "That is all. You may return to your room." I got up and slowly walked out of the room. I heard him say one last thing, "She's not like the rest of them, what will we do with her?" I wondered the same thing, what WERE they going to do with me?

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