A Date on Earth (SPECIAL CHAPTER⭐Part II)

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Another update!

Happy 2017!


After having their food, Natsu paid and lead Lucy out to an amusement park.

Without noticing, Natsu took Lucy's small and soft hand into his warm large one.

Lucy, on the other hand, of course, noticed it and blushed. She started to get flustered.

Natsu glance at her to see her expression.

Not long after, they have arrived at the amusement park. With a gleam of enthusiasm in her eyes and voice, Lucy pointed at the ride she wanted to ride the most-the giant swing ride.(a/n: sorry I don't know what that is called.)

"Let's ride that first!"

"Yeah sure"Natsu gave her a smile.

Natsu then went to the ticket booth and came back with 10 tickets.

"Come on,let's go!"

Before going on the rides, he took 3 Troia pills for a stronger effect to last a whole night.


The time has already past to seven in the evening and the illuminating lights of the city couldn't have been more beautiful.

They decided to ride the ferris wheel called 'Fairy Ring' since Lucy wanted to.

"Waahh...the lights are so beautiful,"she exclaimed happily with a smile that could melt a thousand hearts. Her eyes sparkled with enthusiasm.

She calmed down to her sit then, admiring the view.


Lucy's POV~


What should I say?! What should I do?!

This moment is like the ones I've read in the books; romantic.

Should I just keep avoiding his gaze?!


Normal POV~

"Hey Luce,"Natsu broke the silence filled.


"I'm really sorry for this morning.."he spoke softly.

"You mean t-that k-kiss?"Lucy stuttered, feeling her heart beating loudly in her chest as he mentioned that moment she has been trying to forget the whole day.

And coincidentally, during the ride, it had startes to rain. Making the moment more awkward yet romantic to Lucy who is blushing by the minute.

(A/n: hahaha...this reminds me of 'Kiss the Rain'by Yiruma)

"Yes, that kiss" Natsu whispered huskily and leaned in closer to Lucy, capturing a her lips in a gentle and sweet yet passionate kiss before she escape and say anything.

-It was like time had stopped for a moment-

Her eyes widened as she was surprised of his actions. She had the urge to fight back with Natsu and the good feelings but she can't. She felt as if she is going to melt. Her knees went jelly.

He then ended the kiss with a smirk after seeing that Lucy's cheeks were still dusted red from the kiss he gave her.

For a moment there, she felt warm although the weather is cold out there.

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