Chapter Five

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I panted as I ran down the sidewalk. I rushed toward my house and shimmied up the same tree i fell down less than an hour ago. My mind raced with questions as I leaped off the closest branch to my window and scrambled over the window sill.

Who was that? Why in the hell did he let me go? No werewolf in their right mind would let a salio leave.

I puzzled over "why" as I stripped my clothes off and changed back into my shorts and tank top. I quickly grabbed the letter I had left mom and shredded it into a million pieces before I tossed it into the waste basket by my door. I slouched my shoulders and sat down heavily on my bed. My platinum blond hair fell over my face as I pondered.

That guy... His emerald eyes burned in my head and for some reason I could feel my face flush.

Why? Why?!
"Ugh! What's up with that guy? Like i'm kinda glad he didn't kill me but..." I trailed off with a whisper.
I flopped back down onto my bed with a soft thump. I stared straight up at the ceiling letting my eyes droop close as I slowly was pulled into sleep.

I woke at the break of dawn; just as the bird were emerging from their slumber and beginning to chirp and flutter around. I slowly pulled myself up from the bed with a groan. I scrubbed my eyes with the palm of my hands and raked my fingers through my tangled hair.

"A new day and another day I'm alive." I yawned and stretched my arms out.

I see you are still alive. A gracious wolf spared you? I heard Luna say in my head. I sighed, relieved Luna would still talk to me even though i decided to allow myself to get killed.

Yes I'm alive. I'm sorry Luna, I won't try to throw my life away again.And yes, again, a wolf for some reason spared me. I replied to her in my head.

Well I'm glad you are still here my dear.

Thank you Luna. I have to get ready now, but if you will please let me know if there's a werewolf nearby like always? I asked Luna hopefully.

Of course my dear. And with that she left my mind.

I walked over to my closet and pulled it open. I quickly shuffled through my clothes and pulled out a hoodie and jeans. I tossed my clothes on and clasped my necklace on around my neck; I pulled my bedroom door open and I hurried down the steps. I stepped into the kitchen and yanked the fridge door open. I scanned the contents and closed the door uninterested. I sighed and settled for a simple apple. I stuck the apple into my hoodie pocket and walked over to the my backpack I had flung onto the kitchen floor the prior day. I grabbed a piece of paper out of the bag and quickly scribbled a note for mom onto it saying I was going to walk to school today. I'd like to ponder yesterday's events in some peace and quiet.

I yawned as I slung my bag onto my shoulder and strolled out the house door.
I grabbed the apple out of my pocket and tossed it up into the air as I walked down the sidewalk leading from my house. Just then I heard a crunch of leaves behind me and I whirled around expecting the worse.
The apple thumped down onto the sidewalk just like my brain thumped down with it. Not literally of course.

"W-w-what are you doing here?" I stammered as I stared into the tired emerald eyes of the tall mysterious guy from yesterday.

"Were you out here all night? How do you know where i live? Why are you here?!" Questions just flowed out of my mouth like a waterfall.  The guy looked at me with a yawn.

"I'm sorry. I just wanted to make sure no one came after you." He said raking a hand through his scruffy black hair.

"Oh, thanks I guess. Um... Who are you? Since you saved me and all; I think I should at least know your name."
He chuckled as he stood up straighter, " Jack, at your service." he flourished his hands and bowed; his black hair just grazed his eyebrows.

I blushed, " Eve" I said with a sloppy curtsy.
Jack broke out laughing causing me to flush a redder shade.
"Oh dear Eve. I'm going to have to teach you a few things." he wiped away a fake tear and grinned.
"Well now that I know who you are, are you going to tell me why you didn't end me yesterday?" I prodded, curiosity getting the best of me.
Jack's grin slowly vanished, "Ah yes, well like I said yesterday I'm not like the others. I hate how salios are just killed so often without even a thought." he scowled at the thought.
"Oh.." I muttered. This is so strange! A werewolf that cares about us! It's unheard of.
"Ya so, I kinda felt bad. I couldn't let them hurt you ." he said staring at the ground.
I tucked my hair behind my ear; I couldn't help smiling a bit.
"So anyways... what are you doing out so early?" he asked rubbing the back of neck. Aw he's adorable. How normal of him.
" I was heading out for a walk before school." I said
"Well then, I'll come with."
"Uh...why? Not trying be rude or anything but.... Why?" I said confused.
"Well my pack have been 'sniffing' , almost literally, for you since they found out that you 'got away'." he explained.
"It's not safe for you to be alone anymore. So, as of recently, I've decided to be your guard dog." my jaw hung open.
"E-e-excuse me?" I stammered. He's going to to what? I can't have a werewolf trailing me everywhere I go!
"You heard me dear Eve. Where you go, I go" and with that he linked arms with me and pulled me along the sidewalk.

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