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He felt like he was floating, or perhaps drifting, in a pit of unending darkness. He couldn't open his eyes, no matter how he tried.

He attempted to twitch a finger- nothing. He was growing frustrated and wanted to lash out- he couldn't.

"He's lost too much blood, we won't be able to stabilize him here!" He heard a familiar feminine voice, tinged with desperation like he'd never heard. Of course he would know it anywhere, he'd taught the know-it-all for nearly seven years after all.

"We can't move him, he'll die." Another voice, this one much calmer, Poppy Pomfrey. Well at least those around him were those known to him. Still, he wanted to move, wanted to scream out for them to just let him die.

Let me go.

"Did you think that perhaps he doesn't want to live?" The first voice came much more quietly, he could hear a softness in the words, compassion. Did she know how he suffered?

Preposterous, it just wasn't possible.

But what if?

"You cannot expect me to just let anyone, anyone I could help die!" Poppy sounded appalled, he heard a rustling to his right, or was it his left? He couldn't be sure, he hadn't been sure of anything since the fatal blows from the blasted snake Nagini. He wondered if he was even still in the shrieking shack.

You should Poppy, this one deserves to die.

He felt something cold at his throat, a spell cast and now he was actually floating. Being levitated no doubt.

"I will keep on the bleeding, you move him. We need to get him to St. Mungo's or he will die." Granger this time, apparently she'd given in to the older witch. It was hardly a shock, Poppy Pomfrey could be quite bull-headed when she wanted something.

No! Don't!

Leave me!

He lost consciousness and somewhere deep inside he hoped it wouldn't return.

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