Bottle Caps and Chase Scenes Part 1

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~ Cory's point of view~
(Cory in The House anyone?)

"CORY! Wake up man we're about to open shop!" I groaned a little as I opened my eyes. Once fully opened j found Nick staring at me with that stupidly big smile of his.

"Alright Nick hold on I literally just got up." I said groggily. He moved to the side and walked out the door saying something about selling stuff to Uni and bottle caps. I shook my head with a smile, the end of the world couldn't get him to wipe that big grin off his face. I quickly got dressed and headed down stairs only to see Nick and Uni talking while it looked like Nick was hiding something, I'm gonna have to ask him about that later. "Hey Uni." I said. Uni looked at me startled while Nick practically jumped ten feet into the air.

"Oh hey Cory," Uni greeted me. "nice to see that Nick finally woke you up."

"Y-Yep, it took awhile but I did it!" Nick yelled nervously but I continued to act like I wasn't paying attention to it.

"Well anyways Uni," I started looking back at him "what is it that you're trying to buy?" Me and Nick owned a small little shop that held all kinds of trinkets and gadgets. But in the back, it held a bunch of books based on role plays someone made from Fallout to Undertale. No one new who this author was but I'm sure he was a handsome, attractive, amazingly smart man.

(Gee Cory, I wonder who wrote those books. Surely it wasn't you.)

  "Yah, I kinda want to buy a copy of The Forest by the Camera-Faced author." He said, giving me a wink. "Ashlie and Frozen wanted to read it together. You know, like a book club." I couldn't help but smile, Nick, Uni, Ashlie, and Frozen were the only people I could trust to know that I'm an author. I was incredible shy about it because as a kid, that always got me bullied. I shuddered at the memories.

  Nick most of noticed the shudder because he quickly started speaking again. "Oh, you mean the new one that just came out?" He fake asked.

  "Yep that one." Uni smiled again but this time it was sympathetic. Cory had known Nick and Uni ever since he was a kid and Cory knew they could tell when some thing was wrong. I quickly went to the back and grabbed three copies off the shelf and handed them to Uni.
  "Here you go, three for the three of you." I smiled again, remembering all the stories I wrote about four dad's adventure to save there son, Tim Tim from cannibals. But, of course Uni and Ashlie would immediately notice the similarities between them and the characters, and then have to fill in Frozen. It always happened that way.

  "Thanks Cory." Uni offered to hand me money but I rejected it, telling him it was on me. He smile and left, leaving me and Nick in the building. As we stood there my gaze shifted towards the window. I started thinking about all the things that we could be doing instead of being stuck in the village.

  "Oh no you don't Cory." I jumped as I heard Nick's voice.

  "Don't what?"

   "I know that look Cory!" He practically yelled, "Every time you zone out like that your thinking about going out of the village and exploring everything! You know we can't do that." He calmed down with that statement but I decided to argue.

   "Come on Nick," I started as his eye twitched in annoyance "We stay in this dusty shop all day long and never get to have any fun. I'm always writing books because I wanna get out there, see the world beyond this village." I sighed before continuing. "I just feel like we're supposed to be doing so much more, be heroes or something." Nick looked at me again, but this time his eyes were full of sympathy.

   "Look Cory, I get it, I hate being stuck in this village too." I looked at him with my eyes wide, this is the first time he's told me this ever. "But the king will literally have our heads of we try to leave, he'll kill anyone who tries to leave because he wants us where he can rule everyone with an iron thumb, or foot? Look I don't know, but the point is, we're fine right here, you writing your amazing stories and me, collecting bottle caps." He smiled. I rolled my eyes playfully when he mentioned  bottle caps, Nick always loved to collect bottle caps as a kid. I quickly stood up and hugged him and after awhile, he hugged back. We stayed like that for awhile until we heard a voice from behind us.

   "That was so beautiful." We turned around to see a boy with a squirrel hoodie holding a chicken while looking through our window with tears in his eyes.

   "ROSS!" We heard to voices yell. We couldn't see them but I could tell that it was a boy and a girl. 

   "Wait a minute," I looked closer at the squirrel hoodie and quickly recognize it, "Your one of those thieves from Overwatch aren't you?" I questioned as a released the hug.

   " Um... no?" He said as he tried to shy away from the door. "PSYCE!" He yelled as he ran down the alleyway with the two others following him as they yelled at him. I quickly opened the window and started to climb out.

   "Cory, what are you doing?" Nick asked me while walking towards the window.

   "Don't you get it Nick?" I asked "This is a chance for adventure." I stated as a finished climbing out the window and started running after the thieves.

   "Cory, we literally just talked about this," Nick said trying to climb out the window. "Cory come on stop!" I didn't pay attention to him as I continue to turn the corner, but the foot steps behind me told me that Nick decided to follow me. I smiled as I felt the adrenaline rush through me, this was the adventure I was waiting for.

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