Chapter 12

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Liza's POV :
David- "Today's been good babe. I can't wait to see my mum and tell her the news"
Why did he only say mum? He never talks about his dad, I'm gonna ask him when we are at his. Maybe he'll tell me...
Liza- "Yeah babe it's been really good"
David- "Night babe, love you"
He say and pulls me in closer and kisses my cheek.
Liza- "Love you too babe, next stop Chicago" we both laugh and fall asleep.

<Next Morning>

Today is our last day in Houston then we're off to Chicago. I'm gonna miss here but we'll be back soon to see my Dad.
Liza- "Hey babe are you all packed for later"
David- "Yeah I've got everything, oh and I was think why don't we go out to eat tonight and say thank you to your mum for letting us stay?"
Liza- "Aw babe that see sweet of you. Yeah let's do it I'll go ask her now"
I grabbed my phone and went downstairs. I turned on my phone to see if I had any notifications but there was only text. From Melvin.
He won't leave me alone, and it's getting to the point where I'm kinda scared for myself and David.
I quickly forget about that to the sound of my Mothers voice.
Mum- "Hello? Liza!"
Liza- "Uh? Oh sorry"
Mum- "You zoned out, anyways you was coming to ask me something?"
Liza- "Yeah. David said he wants to take us to dinner to say thank you for letting us stay"
Mum- "Oh isn't he a sweetheart, I tell you he is much better than that Melvin. Speaking of him have you heard anything from him"
Liza- "No why?" I lied I didn't want to tell my mum. I know I should of told her the truth
Mum- "Just wondering. What do you and David want for breakfast?"
Liza- "I'll go get him"
I go get David and we have egg on toast. After breakfast we just chill
David- "Babe are you okay? You've been acting really weird. Is it the baby?"
David sounded so worried and scared. I couldn't lie to him anymore
Liza- "Babe you have to promise me that you won't freak out?"
David- "Your scaring me"
Liza- "Promise?"
David- "Promise"
I hand David my phone and let him read the texts while I rest my head on his shoulder.
David- "How long has he been texting you?"
Liza- "Since that first text when I was with you. Then the next day at Starbucks i saw him. He didn't see me luckily"
David- "Babe I wish you'd told me. I'm gonna block his number. Okay?" He said kissing me on the forehead
Liza- "I love you"
David- "I love you two babe"
Liza- "So what time are we going out then and where?"
David- "You and your mum can choose and say about 7:00pm?
Liza- "Yeah that's fine, btw our flight is at 6:00am" I said kissing him on the cheek.
David- "Okay. I can't wait to see them all again"
I go and ask my mum where she wants to eat and she said I can decide. There is this sushi restaurant in town that I love so we decided to go there.
It's 6:18pm so we still have a while, I'm doing my makeup now then I just have to do my hair. David is all ready and so is my mum. I finished it was 6:37pm so we leave into town and just look in some shops. Me and David by a few little things David brought some stuff for Toby, Ester and Sara. After a few minutes we go to the restaurant and get what we wanted to eat. We eat and talk, it was really fun to just go out and chill. I really wish my Dad was here tho.
We finish the meal and go back to the house. After that we just watch a movie. I really don't want to go, I've loved seeing my mum and seeing her with David. They get on so well and that makes me so happy, I actually can't wait to see Davids mum again to start planing some wedding stuff.

David's POV :
The past few days have been great. I get on so well with Liza's Mum but I nervous to meet her dad whenever that'll be. I think Liza's excited to see my mum again so they can plan some wedding stuff, I can't wait till the day. Liza will look so beautiful and who knows we might even have our baby by then, I couldn't be happier. I felt Liza slowly rest her head on my shoulder and before I knew it she was asleep.
I decide that we should go up so I say good night to Liza's mum and carry Liza upstairs. I gently shake her
David- "Hey babe. You need to get changed and take your makeup off"
Liza- "Mmmm but I'm so cosy" she said with a little laugh I laughed back.
David- "Come on babe" I said gently lifting her up.
She went into the bathroom and took off her makeup and changed into one of my shirts and some little comfy shorts.
We get into bed and I pull her close while wrapping my arms around her. She turned around so she was facing me and gives me a peck on the lips then she buried her head into my chest. I turn off the little lamp next to the bed.
David- "Your so beautiful I don't know why you need all that makeup" I could feel Liza blush
Liza- "Thank you baby"
David- "Good night Liza, I love you so much" I said while kissing her forehead.
Liza- "I love you more David" she said kissing back and before I knew it we were asleep...

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