Pizza I found was satisfactory at any temperature. Whether it be warm, cold, or room temperature, pizza was the shit no matter what.

Strolling my way over to the pizza box sitting on the counter, I fingered through the leftover slices until I found one with enough pineapples on it to sate my sweet tooth for the night.

Bringing the slice of pizza up to my lips, I could feel my mouth begin to salivate slightly in preparation for the explosion of addictive flavor that was about to invade my taste buds.

"You like pineapple on your pizza?"


It all happened within a matter of seconds.

I cursed. The pizza flew. Dominic's face was there to catch it.

Both of my hands slapped over my mouth to keep in the gasp that tried to release along with a fit of laughter that was threatening to break through my stunned exposure.

There Dominic stood, pizza sauce slapped across his cheek and two tiny pieces of pineapple ever so slowly sliding down his stoic face.

His eyes were closed shut and his chiseled jaw was clenched tightly, his beard sporting tiny flecks of red sauce within its hairs.

"I didn't know you were there-"

"I know."

"You scared me-"

"I know"

"I'm so sorry-"

"I know."

Each one of Dominic's responses was clipped and blunt with evident annoyance edging into his tone.

"Do you want me to get a towel?" I asked in a strained voice as I still worked at holding back my inappropriate laughter.

"Well, there's pizza sauce in my eyes, so that would be nice."

Right away, I jumped into action and grabbed a dish towel off of the counter top and dampened it in the sink.

"Here you go." I placed the towel in his awaiting hand and watched silently as he wiped his face clean, ridding the pizza sauce from his cheek and beard, missing a spot just above his left eye lid.

"You missed a spot," I mentioned in a light voice.


"Above your eye."

He wiped his right eye clean.

"No, your other eye."

With a deep growl vibrating through his chest, he took a beat and then cleaned across his left eye.

Somehow, he still missed the spot.

"Here, let me do it," I said, finally conceding and ripping the towel from his hand.

Thankfully, his eyes were still closed shut as I took a few steps into his tall frame, bringing our chests almost flush up against each other's as I raised myself onto my tip toes and brought the towel to his face.

Gently, I swept the fabric across the raise of his eyebrow, ridding the leftover pizza sauce from his face. Noticing a speck of red underneath his eye, I brushed the towel out against his skin lightly, my finger grazing across the rise of his cheek bone unintentionally.

While I cleared his face of the last drops of sauce, I couldn't help but take notice to the heat radiating off of his body and simultaneously warming mine. I also couldn't help but admire over the clear masculinity of the man before me as I stood so close to him. Even through his uniform, it was evident that he was well defined; his body, muscular and built for power.

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