--- 2 ---

*Arianna Lancaster*

As soon as I started remembering the glimmering gold water and the melody from the fountains, I knew I was waking up. Somewhere in the dark world of my sleep, bright sunlight was pouring in –probably from the open curtains of our hotel suite and I could feel a masculine arm lying heavily around my waist.

Fighting the brightness, I opened my eyes.

Chase was asleep besides me, still in his dinner jacket. He was snoring lightly, breathing through his open mouth and the curtain of his black hair was covering his closed eyes. He looked much boyish. The look I had grown to love.

A giggle rumbled in my stomach as I remembered; a few days to our marriage, I had made Milo lick Chase’s sleepy face because he had slept besides me audaciously even though I’d made it clear we won’t sleep on the same bed.

Chase had been furious and Milo had bit him in return. Chase’s face was red with rage and his nostrils had flared; I was a little scared of him.

But now as I looked at his sleeping face, I couldn’t find any thing that would even make me think of being scared of him. Unable to control the strong urge, I slowly brushed my fingers across his warm cheek. I loved to touch him. Just feel his skin against mine.

In my state of admiration, I didn’t notice him opening his eyes a little and watching me. I kept studying his long shaped nose, perfection of his cheek bone, curving of his lips… so very appealing…

I wanted to steal a kiss…

“C’mon, go ahead.” Chase whispered finally as my gaze lingered for too long over his lips.

I snapped my eyes to meet his and immediately felt the warmth creeping upon my cheek at being caught. I bit my lips as he gazed intently at me for a moment and smirked at my hesitation. He craned himself up, propping his head on his arm and slowly leaned towards me.

Without taking his eyes off me, he placed his lips against mine; a perfect fit and kissed me ever so softly. “Good morning.” He smiled as he pulled back.

“’morning.” I smiled, back stealing another kiss, contenting my heart some more.

We watched each other, smiled and studied every admiring feature of our faces. It was blissful to stay quite and yet say so many things. We would have died just looking and smiling at each other in silence if Chase’s phone hadn’t rang.

The startling tone and crazy vibration from his jacket pocket send us both jumping. Frowning disapprovingly Chase fished out his phone and answered it.

“Hey man, great timing!” his sarcastic greeting made me grin. I knew it was Gage McCarthy. “What is it?” a pause. “No. We’re not coming back any time soon.” Chase replied Gage and grinned at me. “So you better speak what’s up or wait forever.”

I chuckled, snatching the phone from him.

“Hey, don’t listen to him. We’ll be back soon.” I told him sticking my tongue out at Chase.

“Hurry back. I need help.” Gage whispered hastily from the other side.

“Why? What’s wrong?” I sat up alert. Chase raised his eyebrow.

“It’s difficult to explain like this. I’m clueless about what I should do next…” He started whispering so fast I could barely understand him. “…I’m kinda freaking out but I feel great too. I feel so many things. Ari, I’m telling you it’s hard to explain!”