Finding Nemo

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      It was 2:47 and Edd finally stopped fretting about skipping school. They where planted on the couch, Kevin's arm draped around Double D's shoulder tightly as they watched Finding Nemo.

"Like the movie?" Kevin asked quietly, kissing the youngers forehead.

"Yeah, it's good..." Edd turned his head up, joining their lips together, letting the kiss linger for a while before they parted.

"I'm glad your enjoying it..." Kevin snuggled closer to him, pulling him closer.

Edd smiled at the contact, sliding onto the redheads lap, kissing his neck.

"What are you doing...?" The elder chuckled, wrapping his arms around Edds hips.

"I like the movie... But... I'm a little..."


Edd blushed madly, looking away quickly.

"Does that mean yes...?" Kevin whispered, rubbing circles into his lower back.

Edd just nodded.

The redhead smirked, pulling Double D's head so that they looked at each other. They kissed, Edds arms wrapping around the elders neck, pulling himself closer, continuing to nuzzle into his neck, kissing it gingerly p, nibbling slightly.

Kevin jumped slightly as Edd found his sensitive spot on his neck. Double D, noticing the movement, continued paying that certain area special attention.

"Wanna... Go to my room?" Kevin murmured, humming as Edd sucked a hickey to his neck.

"Mm... Nah... I wanna finish the movie..."

"We can... Pause it..."

"That doesn't sound like movie spirit, now does it...?" Edd repositioned himself, saddling Kevin's lap, pressing his crotch to the elders; "Plus, I can find my clothes afterwards if we do it here..."

"Dude, my moms going to be home at 5:00!" Kevin hissed through his teeth.

"Well, we'll be done before then, after all it's only what, 3:00?"

"No offense dork, but I don't think we can finish before 5:00..." Kevin pulled him closer besides his complains.

Double D smirked, taking that as a personal challenge...

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