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        Edd paused, standing there in shock, starring at his wristwatch.

"Babe, you've been doing that for fifteen minutes..." Kevin groaned in boredom, sitting upside down on the couch.

"If I left right now, I could make it..." Double D gulped, moving from foot to foot nervously.

"For gods sake Eddward! If you have to go, then go! I'll be here..."

"No! I'll stay! I have to..."

"Whatever floats your boat babe, but just... Relax, and stop standing there like an idiot!"

"You, Kevin Barr, calling me an idiot... Wow..." Edd chuckled, rolled his hand over his head, his hat nearly falling off. The Ebony quickly fixed it, giving his boyfriend a warm smile.

"Hey, how'd you get that gap in your teeth?" Kevin rearranged himself, now sitting normally on the couch.

"Oh jeez... I'm... Uncertain how to answer your question... Well, you see... It was... Long ago, I was very young and I have a fuzzy memory but... I think I can manage to explain..." Double D scrunched his face before continuing; "before I moved to cul-de-sac... Elementary school... Recess... Recess... Reese... Reese purlins, he was in softball... He was... A popular bully... One day, I was on the playground gear, in his territory and he threatened me. I tried to run to the playground inspector, to hide from Reese, but he grabbed my arm and... Beat my ass bloody. He punched me hard in the face, a few of my baby teeth fell out and a few adult ones where in place. The tooth fell out, it was a permanent one, so it didn't grow back."

Kevin was quite for a minute, not knowing the story was over. He then realized it was, coughing to cover up and saying; "That jackass, he'll get what he deserves for picking on you."

"Doesn't that mean that you'll get what you deserve for picking on me?" Edd raised an eyebrow.

"Well... Sure... I will..."



"Nothing." Edd flicked his wrist, looking at the watch; "I'd be... Half an hour late if I left now..."

Kevin just store at the boy, worried.

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