Lets Play the Night Away. (a smile dog fanfic.)

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~~Angel's point of view~~

I've never felt so free! the wind striking my fur like fire. the moon at its fullest, hanging above me. the mud squishing between my claws after every swift step.

the smell of death surrounding me. but then again..never have I felt so troubled. yes the sights before me are nice. but. it seems like there's something missing. stopping, I look at my surroundings. it was so dark out here. how was I to find the well? I look to my left. smile was gone..didn't Jeff order him to stay close? how could smile not listen to him. Jeff was the alpha! its like the ugly flea ridden mutt doesn't care about the pack!


what was that? looking behind me i found him. it was smile. he must of had a battle with a porcupine. he was covered in quills. "you fool. why did you get into?" I growled. I could barely see his eyes. even his teeth had quills stuck between them. he tried poorly to puff out his chest, trying to intimidate me. it was cute. when he saw i wasn't scared he hung his head and let out a sigh. "it called me a freak.." he mumbled. my ears dropped and my fur rose. i would've attacked it too. I hate that word. i remember all the cats I've ran into..shaking my head I looked at him. he looked miserable. "come here you." I sniffed. using my tail to signal him over. he listened. stepping over slightly. "lay down. this is gonna hurt so I don't think you'll want to stand.." he plopped down. apparently he was tired from his little battle. ok..I had to be quick about this..careful not to hurt myself, I helped myself to a mouthful of quill.




Smile's cry ripped through the air in an alarming way. was he ok? I hope so cause he's still got more quills in him. I readied for the next mouth full. his whimpers reaching my ears..and there it was. that feeling again. what was missing?

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