Chapter One

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When did this happen? How did this happen? How did their marriage breakdown? It was years in the making, more like twenty years in the making. Right after Charlotte was born it began, but neither one of them wanted to admit it. They wanted to work on it and when they did try they ended up with three more children after Charlotte. Colton felt more obligated to stay because of his children, not because he wanted the marriage to work. Of course he did want it to work, but that wasn't the main reason as to why he was staying. He felt it should be the main reason. Shouldn't it have been? Shouldn't his love for Kayla make him want to stay? He thought his love for Kayla would overcome everything and anything, but it didn't. They fought and fought for years. They only slept in the same room to keep the illusion up for their children. But Charlotte was twenty now, Ryder was eighteen, Katie was sixteen, and Mikey was fourteen. They weren't stupid, and Colton and Kayla knew it. Their children had grown up in the public eye just like Colton and his siblings had and they heard everything in the media. They just didn't know how to talk to them about it. That's why they had to go to the therapist; they needed a third party to tell them what they needed to do. But it rarely ever worked.

The car ride was completely silent. The only sound was the tires against the road and the honking of other cars on the highway. They didn't speak to each other and the silence was something they had grown used to. It had been years since they made each other laugh; actual laughter not one that was forced. When they arrived at the office they both got out of the car. Not much had changed with their looks in twenty years; Colton still wore a suit everyday and he was still incredibly fit. His brown hair was still wavy and brown. There were no signs of grey hair yet, he was thankful for that. One thing that was different was that he had to wear his glasses more often then not. Kayla's long black hair had been cut a little bit shorter, but was still black and no grey hair. She had matured a lot more and was a lot more willing to fight against Colton then she had when they had first married. She didn't want their marriage to end, but it wasn't working and neither one of them were happy anymore. They needed to do something or she would divorce him.

They walked into the waiting room and the receptionist nodded and called the therapist to let her know that they had arrived. Colton and Kayla both sat down three seats apart from each other and Colton immediately took out his phone. Kayla rolled her eyes and sighed. Colton heard her sigh but didn't put his phone away.

"You are going to put that away before you go in right?" Kayla asked staring at him.

"Yes," he said simply staring intently down at his phone.

"Mr. and Mrs. Manning you can come in now," Dr. Kyle said. She smiled as Colton and Kayla stood up and walked into the room. They both sat down on opposite sides of the loveseat and Dr. Kyle sat across from them in her long-backed leather chair.

"So what are we here to talk about today?" she asked crossing her legs and leaning back on her chair. Colton leaned back on the couch and looked over at Kayla who sighed heavily. Colton knew why they were there, but he didn't want to say anything. He wanted Kayla to be the one to say it.

"We want to get separated but we want to make sure it is the right decision," Kayla said finally looking quickly over at Colton and then back at Dr. Kyle. She stared at the two of them for a while before answering.

"I think that if you two decide to separate it could help you, as long as you are committed to trying to fix your marriage. If you choose to just separate and not work on it then you will divorce. I really hope you two will work on your marriage because I really believe you two are good for each other," she finally said. Colton and Kayla looked at each other uncomfortably before standing up to leave. Kayla wanted to work on their marriage, she wanted to be married to Colton more than anything, but everything they tried ended up driving them apart.

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