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"Just a second we're not broken, just bent. And we can learn to love again."

               - Just Give Me A Reason, Pink

Things have been fuzzy since I was brought here. Like I can't even form a real thought. Why was I even here?

The hours in between Grayson's torture were the most excruciating, the fear that he would walk in at any moment. It never even occurred to me to try and escape. I thought he was gonna just kill me.

I just let it happen, the physical pain wasn't quite as bad as thinking about Steve and Bucky. There were moments where I completely forgot they ever existed, and I wanted more of those moments.

"I've got something new for you today." Grayson smiles at me swinging the door behind him. "Do you know what bullet ants are?" He says walking behind me

"No." I groan.

"They're known for their venom, some say it's the most painful thing anyone can experience." He walks back over to me and holds a small syringe in my face.

"I don't know what you're trying to accomplish, but it won't work." I tell him.

"What makes you say that, love?"

"You're trying to break someone who's already broken." I smile at him, and for a moment I think that I've truly lost my mind.

"I guess I'll just have to break you again." He whispers, then stabs the syringe into my neck. I gasp and he pushes down the plunger.

"This should wear off in a few hours." He says removing the needle.

I start the shake uncontrollably and I feel the venom spreading through my veins. It's like fire shooting through my body and I can't keep myself from screaming.

My body arches forward and it spreads past my chest and down each of my legs. Grayson comes back into my view and gags my mouth with a bit of cloth. He flips the switch on a piece of machinery and leaves the room.




The same word repeats over and over and I pound my head against the back of the chair. The fire has spread to every inch of my body and now my skin is crawling.

This is my own personal hell.

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