I'm Back

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B: I'm back bitches.
Bailey walks towards the squad.
T: How are you alive?! We saw you get your heart ripped out!
B: I had a little help.
Vanessa and Mikayla walk towards them.
Bo: They helped you?! They tried to kill us!
G: Bailey what has gotten into you.
B: I'm here for my revenge. You guys just stood there when I was in danger.
S: Why would they help you?
B: Vanessa came to save me because she was weak and it turns out that she needed me to stay alive. Her and Mikayla brought me back to life and I got fire powers.
V: I have ice powers.
M: And I have earth powers.
B: These past few months we have been training for this day. Since you guys left me to die or just let me die, I'm going to make senior year the worst year ever.
Bo: We are so sorry.
B: Too late.
Maddie and Kenneth walk up to her.
Ma: Oh look the freak is back.
B: What do you want?
Ma: Why are you back? This school was better off without you.
K: It really was.
B: Who gave you the right to speak San Jose?
Ma: Don't talk to my boyfriend like that!
B: Like I'm going to listen to you.
V: Let's go.
M: This was a waste of our time.
B: You mean meeting them.
T: You bitch! *slaps Bailey*
B: *laughs* Don't test me Mcquay. I will burn you to the ground. I will make sure that you go to the depths of hell.
???: That sounds oddly familiar.
They all turn around to see a very familiar face.
K: What is Soni doing here?!
So: I'm here to help Bailey.
G: What powers do you have?
B: My old ones, but she is much stronger.
Ma: Sure you do.
So: *pushes Maddie back with her mind*
Ma: *hits the locker* Ow!
B: Told ya. Beware the InHumans are coming for you 6 Aces.
T: The 6 Aces are no more.
B: Oh really because I see 1,2,3,4,5,6 people standing in front of me.
Bo: Your out numbered.
B: But we have the powers.
T: We did nothing to you Bailey. We are your best friends.
B: If you were my best friends you wouldn't have let me die.
They all go silent.
B: Let's go.
The InHumans stop and turn around.
Bo: Tati what did you just say?
T: I don't know.
B: *grabs Tati's wrist* You wanted me to die? Well maybe I want you to burn.
T: *screams in pain*
G: *pulls Bailey off* Enough!
T: *holds her wrist* You burned me!
B: That's not even my worst.
K: You aren't going to stop us.
B: So you want to rejoin the 6 Aces?
K: How di-
B: Soni was my eyes and ears. You know you should really pay attention to your surroundings.
The InHumans leave.
Bo: What are we going to do? We don't have our powers.
S: Even if we did, we still wouldn't stand a chance against them.
T: We need to get our powers back.
G: How? We were stripped of them when Vanessa left.
K: I hate to say it but Gabe is right.
Bo: So you are joining us?
K: Look I don't wanna die.
Ma: Neither do I. I'll help.
T: 6 Aces are back! *gets pulled away and screams*
G: Tati!
Bo: Where did she go?
S: Follow her!
They follow Tati's screams and it leads them to an empty hallway.
Bo: Tati are you here?
T: *screams*
G: Run.
They reach the end of the hall and see a mysterious person with Tati.
Bo: Tati!
???: You guys want help to defeat the InHumans? And your powers back?
G: Yea.
???: Follow me.
Bo: Who are you?
E: The name is Elizabeth.
S: Sounds familiar.
E: I was Uber A in Bailey's vision. Don't worry I'm a good guy.
G: Can you let my girlfriend go?
E: Go.
T: *runs towards them* I thought you were Bailey.
E: Please I hate her.
G: What did she do to you?
E: We were best friends when we were little then she moved and promise to keep in touch me. She lied. That was 13 years ago.
T: Oh I am so sorry.
E: Now I plan on getting my revenge on her.
S: How?
E: Bring her vision to life. Here we are.
They enter a classroom.
E: Welcome to your headquarters.
Ma: Cool.
E: Since you don't have powers you will be in here helping me with the missions.
K: We don't have powers either.
E: Yes you do. They are just dormant. We will test them later. For now we need to come up with a plan.
S: Spill.
E: We need an "A" and an Uber A. We will also need another person but that's for later. Who wants to torment the shit out of Bailey through text messages?
T: Me.
E: Who wants to actually physically torment Bailey?
Bo: That's all me.
E: Great. First Tati use this phone to send a threatening message to Bailey. Don't worry, she won't be able to trace the number.
T: Ok. *sends text message* Done.
E: Great. Boogie you will use this disguise for when you go out as Uber A.
Bo: Nice.
E: Boys you will plant notes and creepy shit for Bailey.
The boys: Awesome!
E: Maddie you know your job?
Ma: Yep.
E: This is going to be great.
T: So I guess we are the 7 Aces now?
E: That name is boring. How about the Seven Soldiers?
G: That's awesome.
T: Ok we are now the Seven Soldiers.
E: This is going to be one epic year.

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