Chapter 27

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Aphmau POV

Right now, I am sitting outside with my laptop, searching through more of the messages. Everybody else but Yellow is asleep. He is the reason I'm awake at midnight.

"It would be so cool if the grass was yellow. It would look cool! What do you think Jess? I think it's amazing! That's what I'm going to do when the squids are killed! I'm going to invent yellow grass!" Yellow says, jumping up and down. I just smile at him before going back to my work. I couldn't get to sleep so me and Yellow are keeping each other company since he was my friend and wanted to keep me company.

"That would probably be so cool. Can I help?" I ask him. He nods frantically at me like it's the end of the world.

"We could be the best grass coloureds ever!" I turn my red and blue hoodie into a yellow one. "You look just like me! We could be the Yellow twins!" I don't think I should have gave him some red bull... Oh well! I open a can up and drink a can of red bull, making myself hyper. I put my laptop in my storage before standing up with Yellow.

"Let's go and explore the forest!" I say, dragging him into the forest. He runs with me.

"Let's go and find Crainer! He's a fun guy!" Yellow shouts. I pull out a piece of paper with co-ordinates on before grabbing Yellow and teleporting us into... The sky? Cool! Well except we are falling. Let me take a selfie! I take my phone out and pull Yellow behind me before taking a picture and posting it on minestagram.

"Now what?" Yellow asks. I shrug before cannon balling into the water below us. He does the same. We both swim up and I jump out onto the platform we are on. I believe this is a sky block. Oh well. It seems like there are two people sleeping in the little house.

"Hey Yellow! Let's run around the place and explore!" I scream at him before running around, touching all of the machines that I see. I may have broken something.

"This place is so big and it looks so cool!" Yellow shouts.

"I know!" I shout back. Suddenly, a door is slammed open.

"What is that noise?" The guy with sunglasses ask.

"I don't know man! Let's go check it out." The blonde guy says. I perk up even more before running over to Ssundee with a bag of skittles.

"Hey Ian! Do you like skittles? I like skittles! They are colourful and are tasty and colourful and they taste nice! They are also colourful! Taste the rainbow!" I shout at him before throwing a hand full of skittles at him and running over to Crainer, jumping onto him.

"What the..." Ian says, looking confused.

"Crainer! Wanna join our yellow club? Me and Yellow are gonna invent yellow grass!" I say, getting off of Crainers back and jumping up and down. Yellow joins me.

"I don't get what's happening man. Did you curse me again?" Crainer asks. I take out another can of red bull but before I can open it, it's taken off of me.

"Hey! Give me that back!" I try jumping up to get it out of Ian's reach but he just puts it higher in the air. I start to cry.

"I promise that you can have it in the morning Jess, but go to bed. You too Yellow and give me your phones. You are grounded until we get you back to your guardians." Ian says. Me and Yellow put our heads down before lying down on the bed that I turned my hoodie into. We both got under the yellow cover.

"What the... I'm not even going to question it. Good night Jess and Yellow." Ian says before walking back into the house with Crainer. I just fall asleep, dreaming of skittles and red bull.


"Hello?" I hear on the phone. "What's wrong Jess? Where are you? Have the squids kidnapped you?" Before Sky could carry on talking, I cut him off.

"Hey Sky, it's Ian. I found Yellow and Jess running around outside my house waking me and Crainer up. They seemed to be on a sugar rush so I put them to sleep. Can I bring them over tomorrow?" I ask him like they were kids.

"Seriously? Wait one second." I hear Sky moving around before faintly shouting, "Max! Jess is sleeping at Ian's  tonight with Yellow!" I suddenly hear running.

"Wait seriously? How did they even get there without us noticing?" I hear Max faintly say, coming closer.

"They were on a sugar rush. Ian is on the phone." Sky replies.

"So Ian, do you know why Jess teleported over to your house?" Max asks. Teleported? I guess that explains how they got here.

"I think they wanted Crainer. She talked about skittles and threw some at me then ran over and begged Crainer to join their 'Yellow' team. I took away her red bull." I explain to them. I just hear sighing.

"Who gave them red bull?" I hear somebody smack their hands on something. Probably their face.

"Sorry! She was giving me these puppy eyes!" I hear Sky say. I just quietly laugh. I haven't heard off of them for years now. Not since she disappeared.

"Well I'm going to hang up now. I don't want to wake anybody up. See you tomorrow and you have a lot of explaining to do." I say to them.

"I guess that's fair. Well I will see you tomorrow." I hear Sky say before hanging up. I put down Jess's phone before crawling into bed, slowly falling asleep.

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