It was 8 oclock and the house was silent. The twins were in bed because they had school the next day, they were in Kindergarten. Draco and Hermione were upstairs in the bedroom chatting about the twins and their future.  Hermione was concerned because they hadn't been showing any signs of magic. Normally at a young age they would accidently do magic during stressful times but they hadn't.

"What if they are squibs" Hermione voiced.

Draco didn't understand where this was coming from. His wife sounded like she wanted them to have magical blood. To him it didn't matter.

"If they are squibs we will love them all the same." He replied smoothly.

Hermione nodded her head. It wasn't them being a squib that made her nervous it was the complications that would arise because of them being in the muggle world 80% of the time. If they had friends over they would have to be careful about what they said, did or had in plain sight. Then there would be a time when they would become jealous of their older sister because she got to go to Hogwarts and they didn't. Even if that didn't happen she saw the inevitable of them becoming distant with Avril because she was gone all the time. It was just too much to bear.

"Yes, we will love them all the same" she repeated confidently

For now everything was simple, they were too young to have any 'actual' friendships so the only time they had to be careful was when Hermione and her friends from college came over for brunch or tea. The last few weeks they had been talking about moving back to Malfoy Manor, it had permanent charms on it for muggles so anything magical disappeared or transformed into something else. The only thing that was keeping them were they were was because there were so many memories here, memories that were created when the children were born. Those were irriplacable and both Hermione and Draco knew it.

"About the move, are you sure you don't want to use it for real estate purposes?"

Draco's idea on changing the Malfoy Manor around to turn into a hotel never happened. He was too busy and didn't have enough time to get everything planned out completely. Right now it was empty except for the house elf that lived there.

"I'm sure" He said, his eyes closed.

Draco was exhausted, he worked double shifts with Harry in the Auror office and it was murder on his body. Also to consider was the promotion that he had been given the other day, he hadn't accepted it yet as he was still talking to Hermione about it. The promotion was the same as the last one and the one before it, he would be working in the field 3 consecutive days out of the week meaning he would be gone for 3 days and return home for 4.

Hermione didn't mind this idea but Draco was uncertain as he would be in constant danger. With this job he would be tracking and arresting dark wizards and doing that made enemies, enemies who would do anything to get revenge. Hermione kept saying to take it as it paid well and any school fees and the latter were paid for by the ministry, he also would make 200 thousand galleons a year which was equal to 400 thousand pounds in muggle money. They would be able to make sure their children were taken care of completely, even if something were to happen to him and Hermione was widowed.

"I think I am going to take the job love" he mumbled with his eyes closed.

Hermione looked up from the daily prophet that she was reading. "Really? What was the deal closer?" She asked.

"Mhhm, I'll talk to you about it when I am all here. Night love" He yawned

Hermione looked at her husband and tilted her head down to kiss him.

"Goodnight my Draco" she whispered.

After reading the paper for another ten minutes Hermione turned in and went to sleep. The two were sleeping for 5 hours when a scream woke them up. Draco and Hermione sat upright in the bed trying to figure out why they were both away.

"Daddy!" Livelex whined, "Daddyyyy"

Draco kissed Hermione quickly before he jumped out of the bed and made his way towards Livelex's bedroom. Livelex had a hard outershell but she was nothing but gentleness. She was afraid of the dark, hated heights and bugs sent her running. Everytime she was scared she ran to Draco, she was a daddy's girl.

Draco flipped on her bedroom light and frowned as he saw his daughter shaking from fear, tears streaming down her face. He crossed the room and brought her into his arms before sitting on her bed.

"Shhh, baby girl daddy is here" he crooned as he gently brushed her hair with his hand. "Tell me about your nightmare" he spoke. Livelex had a nightmare everynight so this was a regular thing for the household.

"I-I-I was being chased by a big bug and it was trying to eat me." She cried.

Draco began rocking her in his arms. "You know daddy would never let anything hurt you so you don't have to worry."

Livelex sniffeled and burried her face is Draco's chest as he began humming a song to her. Before long she had fallen back asleep and it was time for Draco to get ready for work. Draco carefully got to his feet and turned out the light before walking back into his room with Livelex in his arms. Hermione had fallen back asleep by now. Manuvering Livelex into one arm without waking her Draco pulled the blankets back and laid her in his spot. Draco gave his daughter a kiss before covering her up with a blanket.

"Sleep well my loves" He whispered as he grabbed his wand off the bedside table and headed into the room across the hall where he prepped for work so he wouldn't wake them up. The room had a muffliato charm on it that kept any noise no matter how loud inside. Before he left for work he went and checked on his son to make sure he wasn't awake. Leaning against the door frame he smiled at the sight of his son sleeping with his stuffed dragon doll he got the day he was born. Closing the door gently Draco went to the fireplace where he used the floor network to get to work.

Appearing inside Ministry of Magic in the Aurors office he headed to his bosses desk.

"I'll take the job" Draco said to his boss.

Harry looked up from his desk and nodded his head. Reaching out he shook his hand.

"About time, I thought you might say yes if I cut back the time and rose your paycheck." Harry stook to his feet and moved around his desk to pull Harry into a friendly hug. "It'll be relieving to have you on my active team. I have been trying to fill that spot since I fired that last bloke and trust me it wasn't easy."

"There are 300 other people qualified for this job" Draco pointed out.

"Yeah and I was aware of that. The thing is" Harry said as he sat casually on his desk. "The thing is you are the best for the job. Sure they all scored well in their drills and tests but anyone can do that. It's different when you are in a life or death situation. I've seen you for 10 years doing this job, and my job better than anyone. You have never screwed up and you always kept your cool. You are what I need on my team."

Draco was flattered at these words Harry spoke to him. In their early years Draco and Harry were on a team together bringing in low risk wizards, now he would be working with Harry as his right hand man the only difference was that they would be tracking and bringing in the baddest wizards, Bellatrix looked tame when placed beside these guys.

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