Days Weeks Months Years

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Since the day of their birth days had turned to weeks, weeks trickled into months and months flew into years. Avril was now at her first year of Hogwarts and the twins were five years old. They four family members were sitting in the garden outside the library at the Malfoy manor reading. It was Avril's suggestion 4 1/2 years ago that they make a time for the entire family to sit down and read in the library, Avril called it Bookworm Hour. During Bookworm Hour everyone would pick out a book and read it for an hour and then the next 30 minutes would be spent sharing what you read. The first week the family actually did this both Draco and Hermione thought it a waste of time, but as time went on they grew to love it. They found it fascinating what their children learned.

Hermione had just finished the last few pages of her book and sat it on her lap. Her gaze moved to linger on her son and daughter who sat out in the grass reading. The two were inseperable even though they were so different in personality.

Hermione stared at Livelex who looked just like her father down to the eyes. She had long pale blonde hair that was bushy at its best. Her eyes were blue and her skin was a pale shade just like her father. Hermione snickered as she saw underneath her daughter what looked to be a blanket. She hated getting dirty and did her best to avoid it.

'What a diva' Hermione whispered to herself.

Scorpius also had blonde hair but his was a dirty blonde shade with dark roots. His eyes were like his mothers, brown. Draco found that absolutely heart warming, everytime he looked his son in the eye he saw a little bit of the woman he loved so truly. Because of this Draco found it hard to punish him when he did something wrong.

Hermione caught the time on her watch and stood to her feet to return the book back to the shelf.

"Okay guys, time is up put your books away and join me and your father over here." She called out.

"Mom" Livelex whined, "I was just about to find out how they got the stain out of the white cotton." Livelex liked reading books about fashion and hair, for some reason unknown she was wooed by the art.

Before Hermione could speak again a owl flew over to her side and landed on a ledge leveled with Hermione's waist. It had a letter in its mouth. Taking it from the owls beak she watched as it flew off.

"Draco" She called out to her husband who was walking out of the library. "I think this is her letter." She looked up at her kids who were getting to their feet. "You can keep reading for another 30 minutes" she told them. They jumped and cheered before sitting back down.

Draco and Hermione moved over to the gazebo and took a seat. Hermione slipped her finger under the Malfoy crest seal and broke it before pulling a letter from it. Looking to Draco she moved into his arms and began to read outloud.

Dear mum and dad,

I am here at Hogwarts, surprise surprise. I had my first official day here and I wanted you to know it was a blast. Dad you lost the bet, Neville did take the job up at Hogwarts. He says the Ministry of Magic just wasn't his passion. Mum you also lost the bet because cousin Laela was sorted into Slytherin. I myself am in Gryffindor!!! You don't have to worry though Laela and I are great friends. It's not as bad as dad made it out to be, the Slytherins and Gryffindors are good friends. I like all my classes but then again I bet mum already knew that. I miss you guys every minute of the day, and I miss my books too.

Did I tell you that Headmistress McGonagall let me be a Prefect, she said if I am anything like my mum I will be the best. Can you believe that! The youngest Prefect to ever walk the walls of Hogwarts.

Everyone here stares alot which kind of bugs me but I have to keep reminding myself that I have famous parents. I guess I will get used to it.

Oh yeah I need a dress because they are having the TriWizard Tornament again, guess where at? If you thought Beauxbatons then you are right, I wonder if I can join it? Kidding mum only kidding. They took the age restriction off only because the Ministry doesn't want anymore deaths like the last kids Diggory. The new rules are that any person wanting to join has to go through the obstacle and put there name in the Goblet. They think if you get through you should be smart enough to stay alive. I wouldn't be caught dead in that Tournament so trust me when I say I won't join.

I am about to end my letter because I am heading out to the library, I volunteer there to help put the books away. Its fun, the librarian is nice. Before I say bye I wanted to let you know who my new Transfiguration teacher is, Luna, if Harry hasn't already told you they are expecting.

I love you and miss you.

~ Avril ~

Hermione carefully folded the letter and placed it in Draco's breast pocket before she turned to kiss him.

"I am so happy she is doing good." she murmered as she relaxed in Draco's arms.


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