I was at my locker getting my books when I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my waist. I gave a little yelp when the familiar scent of wood and musk hit me, I snuggled closer to Jett as I relaxed a little in his arms. 

"Good morning Princess." He said giving me a little peck on the lips that still left my heart racing. 

"Good morning Mr. Bad Boy." I said in a teasing tone eliciting a groan from him. 

"You know I hate it when you call me that." he said burying his face in my neck.

I finished taking out my materials of the day then turned to face him, "Which is why I do it! Have you had breakfast yet?"

"No, are you hungry?" he asked me with a knowing smile. 

I nodded my head shyly as he took my hand, "Come on, I'll go buy you a latte and pastry from the cafe." 

"Thank you!" I smiled following him to the cafe, hand in hand. 

Once there, he ordered my breakfast and I couldn't help but admire him. Its been a few weeks since we have been dating and I still can't believe that Jett's my boyfriend. Neither could the rest of the school. No one could believe that someone was able to conquest the notorious bad boy of the school.  At first, they thought I was just another desperate girl hanging around him wanting his attention, then the rumors started. My favorite one was how I got pregnant and now I'm forcing him to stay so he can support the child. I love how people know more about me than I do.

But after I didn't give them the satisfaction of a reaction things started to change. Just like before, people started to notice my looks, they started to notice my style, they started to notice that I wasn't a shy pushover. They realized that my only friend is the social butterfly of the school, my boyfriend is one of the most popular boys in school, and my twin is the new "hot" boy of the school that girls are after. They notice my talent for dancing and notice my charisma in conversations. Overall, they notice that I was always part of the popular group, I just made myself invisible.

And just like that, I had more people talking to me. I had guys giving me hungry stares and girls wanting to be my friends. People would say my name left and right giving me warms smiles or jealous glares. I started to get invites from people I didn't know well enough, and girls approach me to get my opinion. Clubs sought me out just how they sought out Teresa, and teachers started to remember my name. Even my new social media was starting to take off, gaining followers that weren't even from my school. They'd just follow me because a friend showed them my feed or because I had pictures with Teresa, Jett, and Ace. 

Some people talk saying the reason I became so popular was because of Jett. As if Jett had taken off the cover of a new shiny car and everyone wanted a look at it. The only thing is that I'm not new, I'm still me, yes I no longer shy away and I participate in class much more, but I've done nothing to change my appearance. I've eased back into this life and people around me notice how natural I am, how easily I fit in it all. I've even gotten a notion to start playing again. It sounds so tempting that my bass now lives in my room with me instead of the attic. But if I'm not careful of this newfound attention, it can head to the same direction as it did before. 

The only problem with all of this is...

That I like the attention. 


I was in my free hour doing some research in the library for my project, two girls from my class were there wanting help. Now in days, I don't seem to get much time alone, especially when people realize that I'm actually pretty good at school. We were going over research methods and I was explaining to them how to use the library server to find journals when the announcements of the day came on. Yeah, I know, why make these announcements in the middle of the day? I'm not sure, but I mean we have a harp as a bell so that gives you an idea of how much my school follows the norms.  

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