CLOSED: 2016 Submissions - A Briefing

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Hi, Finn again.
Welcome back to Fright Fest 2016!

Now, with much thought and deliberation I have come up with a way of celebrating Wattpad's love of thrills, mystery and the macabre by celebrating your stories alongside this one!

This will take the form of submissions and nominations towards the Fright Fest event this Halloween season.

Want to contribute to the genre and spook an audience with your twisted mind? Then continue to PART 1 - Submissions.

Know of a scary story that will leave us crying and panting a corner? Continue to PART 2 - Nominations.



How do I submit my work?
You submit your work through the comments section of the most recent update. That means commenting the word SUBMISSION followed by a link to your work.

In addition, tag your work #FrightFest2016 so other people can see what you're up to!

Can I submit more than once?
Yes! I encourage it! You can submit your work with every update! Even if it was the same as the one you submitted before (unless it won already) so that you have the chance to win a prize for the whole of October!

My work isn't finished, can I submit?
Absolutely! Though I advise that you still have enough of the story published so that we can get a chance to love it.

Does it have to be new work?
Nope! Though new stories would be ultra special (especially if you haven't written any horror, mystery or thriller before!) work is accepted that is established, ongoing or completed.

What are the prizes?
There are 4 prizes to win for every update of our stories. They are as follows:
-- 3rd place: shouts and a BRONZE sticker for your book.
-- 2nd place: shouts, chapter dedication and a SILVER sticker for your book.
-- 1st place: an immortalised spot on the Fright Fest 2016 reading list, shouts, and a GOLD sticker for your cover.

So, to recap:
• Tag your work with #FrightFest2016
• A comment with the word SUBMISSION followed by the link to your work on The Sinister Fate of Joseph Redding.
• Make sure it's on the most recent chapter!
• You can renew your submission with every update.

Any questions, feel free to contact me.



How do I nominate?
You nominate in the comments section with the word NOMINATE followed by tagging the original author and then a link to their work. It would look like this:

What about the tag?
You can leave a comment or message for the original author and encourage them to use the preferred tag #FrightFest2016, but don't worry if they don't; I'll still count them in with the submissions even if they didn't enter it themselves.

Can I nominate more than once?
Yes, you can nominate as many stories as you like, and if your nomination didn't win the first time, keep entering it with every new update!

How do I win a prize?
The prizes are outlined in PART 1, but if a nominated book wins a prize, the person who nominated that book will also be mentioned in the shouts!

So, to recap:
• #FrightFest2016 tag is preferable but not always practical.
• A comment with the word NOMINATE followed by tagging the author's name, followed by the link to their work, with one comment on The Sinister Fate of Joseph Redding.
• Make sure it's on the most recent chapter!
• You can renew your nomination with every update.

There are rules to all of this, of course, which I'll outline in the next chapter.

Be there or be scared.

Be there or be scared

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